Monday, 9 June 2014
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The Manchester Evening News wanted us to suspect racism was the culprit? well...

 FUCK OFF leftist media! FUCK OFF multiculturalism! 

If we have to defend ourselves, we'll do it, no matter how many multiculturalist/leftist criminals stand in front of us.


Anonymous said...

Well done, lads! Well done!! Do I see British Greatness, British Honor and British Manhood being restored in this multi-kulti nightmare?

parisclaims said...

Had the police bothered to turn up, I have no doubt the white guys would have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

3,000 plus people in Glasgow take to the streets for a midnight march in protest to series of brutal rapes in the city. One report states by Asian men. One woman was raped by three of them.

In ths UK, the term Asian is a media friendly word for Asian. British National Party members turned out to support our women.

Go to Scottish BNP Facebook page for video report.

Other quality articles concerning the growing pfoblem with the evil religion called Islam go to

Anonymous said...

good to see the brits standing up for themselves

dr.danny said...

why do the brits and europeans continue insulting other law abiding non mslim asians from other asian countries by using the word asian? do you cowardly press people have no shame or a spade a it muslim men who are doing the raping and not use the word'asian' and insult millions of other good moral and righteous human beings who are from the asian continent...asian can imply chinese, japanese, thai, burmese, laotians, cambodians, indians etc..all of whom are also victims of the murderous and demonic religion of islam and the demonic followers of a depraved false prophet ! Start speaking the truth instead of using the word asian to besmirch the good name of billions of other good people from the asian continent ! Say MUSLIM MEN ! THE TRUTH IS THE MORTAL ENEMY OF THE LIES !

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