Saturday, 7 June 2014
From unzensuriert

An imam has been put under arrest in Graz/Austria. The Muslim priest of Chechen origin had allegedly taken part in the radicalization of a number of youngsters. According to information made known, the 41-years-old is said to have tried to radicalize at least eight youngsters from Steiermark and recruit them for the armed conflict in Syria. Four of them, who had joined the Al-Nusra-Front, have presumably been killed already. 

Al-Nusra is closely linked to Al-Qaeda and has been classified as terrorist organization by the UN Security Council. This terrorist group is supposed to have among its members Mehdi Nemmouche, the individual suspected of having carried out the quadruple murder at the Jewish museum in Brussels the last 24 of May. Graz is supposed to be a town much preferred by Muslims. Bosnian Muslims built up in 2012 a mosque in Graz, Islamists waved the Jihad-flag in front of the City Hall, and as reported by the Daily Mai, the Muslim Brotherhood planned to move their international headquarters from London to Graz.



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