Wednesday, 28 May 2014
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„Muslim children should be educated according to Islam and taught Arabic and the Quran outside home, too – in this way strengthening the togetherness of the Islamic community”. These were the reasons given by the association «Al Huda» (the right path) when filing a request for an Islamic kindergarten in Volketswil. This would have been the first of its kind in Switzerland.

But (the authorities in) the canton of Zürich refused to issue the permit: “There is the danger that children would be conveyed one-sided values”, the educational board wrote in a report destined for the media; values “which are not in accordance with the guiding principles of the school – tolerance, openness and dialogue”. The board justifies this suspicion with the presumption that there is a link between the trusteeship of the kindergarten and the Islamic Central Council (IZRS).

The educational board has also cast doubts on whether the kindergarten could meet the goals of the educational plan of Zürich, for in the kindergarten “the religious knowledge is the basis for everything children will learn and experience in the future”.

The Islamic Central Council did not agree with the decision issued by the canton, alleging that “flimsy reasons” have been brought up. “This is about a discussion on values”, Spokesman Qasim Illi told Regionaljournal Zürich Schaffhausen.



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