Tuesday, 27 May 2014
From Friatider

The riots in Husby, in the outskirts of Stockholm, which started on Sunday afternoon, gained momentum during the night to Monday when gangs of youngsters resumed their activities with more stone-throwing at the police, and setting cars in fire. At the same time, Police deployed a huge number of agents in order to suppress the unrest and the whole zone of Husby was temporarily closed during certain parts of the operation.

(A reporter from) the news site Nyheter Idag where right there in Husby on Monday night and reported that the police deployed massive forces with a helicopter, police vans and anti-riot police units which took positions in many places around the immigrant suburbs of Husby, Kista and Rinkeby in northern Stockholm.

According to Aftonbadet, the riots began after an individual was arrested by the Police on suspicion of driving without a license and in a state of drunkenness. According to information given to the Newspaper, further stone throwing took place against the Police during the evening, along with the setting on fire of the car the police stopped, and in which the alleged drunk individual had been driving. 

“(The mood) seems to be a little tense, and people are moving among the bushes and along the streets. We have seen several police agents going around in the areas of Tensta and Rinkeby”, Nyheter Idags reporter Chang Frick said during a web TV broadcasting from Rinkeby.

A spokesman for the Police told Expressen that stones were thrown at Police patrols from a bridge. The riots broke out when police responded to the stone-throwing with warning shots.


Two individuals have been arrested so far for allegedly having provoked violent riots during the unrest.

It was in Husby where the immigrant riots which got international attention in May last year began.


fred said...

There is a special place in hell reserved for the Swedish establishment.

Anonymous said...

Swedish establishment? you mean the Leftists, Marxists, aggressive atheists and LGBT people who are bribed by muslims and support muslims in their quest of world domination, just look at how corrupt the Media is all over Europe, and how immoral they have become. Its literally sodom and gomorah all over again, except with this false notion of peace which is about to be turned upside down on their heads when WW3 starts (probably around the year 2023), maybe even allot sooner.

May the Nukes begin to pour down!!!

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