Friday, 9 May 2014
This blog already reported about the issue some months ago. Now the Swedish Court has finally pronounced a verdict on this.

It was in an evening in November last year that the 34 year old man killed a 15 year old boy and a 57 year old woman. Several others were seriously injured.

According to the verdict, Ahoka threw the boy into a ditch, and then he directed  several "powerful and directly aimed" blows against him with an iron bar, of which at least six hit him in the head and neck.

The woman met a similar fate: she had her head smashed by the man's iron rod.

The verdict stated that the murders were committed with an "extreme brutality", and that the 15 year old boy had  likely been subjected to an " extensive and prolonged suffering before dying, and which must have caused him extreme suffering." For its part, the murder of the woman was “unparalleled in its brutality." Therefore there is no doubt about the lifelong prison sentence, according to the verdict.

According to the district court, Doudou Ahoka admittedly was in a "state close to psychosis" because of the influence of cannabis. But the law does not accept the explanation that the 34 year old would have been in a hallucinating state and believed that the murdered victims were animals wanting to attack him.

Ahoka, who is a Congolese national, was also sentenced for attempted murder, assault, unlawful privation of liberty, breaking into private property and attempted extortion.
 Source: Friatider


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

White Advocate
l dont know if this has been tried anywhere but it seems to me that when a non-white newcomer/immivader commits a heinous crime against a white native theres a good chance a legal action might succeed if brought against a government and including the immigration minister of course and ngo resettlement organisations (which profit from these government policies) and other assorted do gooder groups including jewish and christian advocacy groups. They are all of them mutually responsible for the bashings, stabbings, rapes and murders committed by non-white newcomers and their offspring. Set the bar at 20 million for each murder and see how quickly the figure climbs, 5 million for rapes, 2 million for bashings and stabbings - very quickly sellout western governments will be bankrupted

it's me said...

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Anonymous said...

Gorilla ape...

kilroy abdullah said...

Is it just me or someone else shares the feeling of gutting this animal?

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