Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Fanatic young Muslims against liberal teachers and pupils – a religious war is raging in the schools of Hamburg!

The senator for schools in Hamburg, Ties Rabe (53, Socialist), has until now refused to reveal which schools are involved.

Now a document from the State Institute for Teacher Training has revealed that at least seven schools in Mümmelmannsberg, Billstedt, Stellingen and Hamm have been having continuous problems with ultraconservative Muslims who plainly lay down their own rules.

The situation is especially hair-raising in Mümmelmannsberg. According to the document, „The district seems to be a focal point of organized islamist activities”.

For example, Muslim youngsters prompt girls and women to cover themselves according to the rules laid down in the Quran, and they also call on to collective prayers in the schoolyards.

The State Institute assessment: „In many cases it is likely to be a strategy based on organized proceedings”, which means that Salafists specifically infiltrate into the classes in Hamburg and instruct Muslim school students on how to recruit new followers in the schoolyards.

Among others, it is the violent Islamist organization „Hizb ut-Tahrir“ which is known for these actions.
Source: Bild


Anonymous said...

Christianity defended Europe from Islams for centuries.
After WWII the Christians lost Europe to the nihilist, sterile liberals.
Leaving Europe wide open for conquest.

If I was young and in Europe, I would convert to Islam, at least you would have a wife, a family, and a genetic future, unlike the sterile secular humanists.


The same situation exists in England,and I suspect all white European countries,the wogs seem to have taken a page from the commie handbook,infiltrate and destroy.

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