Friday, 2 May 2014

Hundreds of Muslims held Friday prayers outdoors near the Czech Interior Ministry in Prague on May 2. The gathering was held as a protest against a police raid during last week's Friday prayers at the Islamic Foundation in Prague, where forces detained an unknown number of Muslims. Police later said the raid led to the arrest of a man suspected of distributing books inciting racism, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia.
Source: Radio Free Europe


Anonymous said...

well the police FINALLY arrested muslims for racism, this has got to at least be credited considering how the police usually only target non-muslims for racism

I guess the rest of the world can learn something from czech police....unfortunately the muslims are NOT going to leave this incident alone and now the czech police are going to think twice about arresting muslims for racism.

I guess Christians should learn to PROTEST too like the muslims when they are arrested for racism, as it creates PRESSURE on the police to think twice about CONDUCTING and investigation and arresting an individual who the police know would later result in a PROTEST!

damn, those muslims sure do know there way against the legal system. we should learn from their TACTICS!

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