Thursday, 29 May 2014
From fdesouche

The imam of the great mosque of Creil (Oise), which stands in the heart of the sensitive Plateau district, made it known after the prayer: ten kilograms of gold – worth some 300.000 euros – and some 2000 euro in cash have been stolen from the very place of worship. Since then, questions have been arising in the Muslim community: how, but first and foremost why was such a treasure hidden in the mosque?

It was the guard who discovered the theft last Friday at about two o’clock. According to his version, he allegedly saw a figure wearing traditional garments slipping out as he was coming back after having opened the doors for the first ones coming to pray. 

Those in charge of the worship place figured out the scenario: a “faithful” might have remained inside the mosque after the last prayers at night before forcing open the desk in which the gold was hidden. “They feel very embarrassed because of this issue”, one of the believers manifested. “Suspicions arise, and after that, a sensitive message (spreads): there is gold in the mosques”.

“The mosque was build and made habitable thanks to the generosity of the followers”, a person close to the Worship and Cultural Association of Muslims in Oise (ACCMO) explained. Among the most numerous (offerings) which arrived to the mosque, there was regularly gold. “In Islam, only women own it. Culturally speaking, the Muslims have the reflex of investing in this precious metal. The mosque receives this kind of donations, which get stockpiled over the years. It is kept for times of necessity”. Those in charge take turns in keeping this fortune with them, a fortune which arrives to the mosque under given circumstances. “The thief must be somebody standing close to the mosque, because of having known that the gold was there, at that moment”, an inhabitant of the neighborhood presumed. “Still, it is an old way (of doing things). Those donations could have been put in a bank”. The Police in Creil have been put in charge of the investigation. A witness gave information, and DNA samples have allegedly been collected at the place.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.......I wonder if all mosques have some gold hidden away.

Maria José said...

Spanish Security Forces Swoop in Melilla

Spanish security forces Friday arrested six suspected jihadists, including a veteran of the conflict in Mali, in a series of predawn raids in the north African enclave of Melilla designed to break up a recruitment cell there.

This is the latest of a series of similar police operations in Melilla--a Spanish territory with a population of about 80,000, half of them Muslims of Moroccan ancestry--and the nearby Spanish exclave of Ceuta.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey to pay for multiable underage brides can be expencive, even more so when your out of the mid east, cut an arab a break.....

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