Thursday, 1 May 2014

Islamists are using a new kind of propaganda: they send seemingly random threatening SMS messages to citizens from Berlin.

"You either convert to Islam or descend to hell. No one is worthy of worship except Allah the Almighty”. This short message shocked Manfred W. (74) from Lichtenrade - Berlin. 

The pensioner and his wife Gerda (74) just could not believe what they saw on their mobile phone last Sunday. The sender of the message was an unknown number. At the end of the threat there was an internet address pointing to an association called “House of the Quran”. A copy of the Quran can be freely requested or downloaded at their website. The association takes part in the Islamist campaign “LIES!”

This group had already drawn attention to itself 2 years ago: its members, among them Salafists and hate preachers, distributed 25.000.000 free copies of the Quran in the whole Germany. The goal, according to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, was to recruit members who acknowledge Islam as the only true religion. 

The evangelical couple, whose mobile number is to be found in the telephone book, got fed up. Manfred  W. said: “We tolerate other faiths, and we also have Turkish friends. But everyone should have the right to believe in what one wants “. They hope to find other persons (who may have got the same message) in order to take measures against those having sent the messages.
Source: bz-berlin


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