Saturday, 31 May 2014
From zeit

The Italian Coast Guard has within 24 hours picked up some 2800 immigrants on the Mediterranean sea. They were carried to Sicily on board of Italian ships or by towing their boats. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, the bulk of them came from Syria and Egypt.

According to the Navy, 1300 individuals were rescued on Saturday, and on Friday, many boats carrying 1400 immigrants – among them 264 children – were intercepted. The navy picked up some 200 more people traveling on boat off the coast of Lampedusa. In spite of the reception center of the island being closed, some ships had to bring the immigrants there. The Sicilian port of Empedocles also had to be used to bring the immigrants to the mainland.

According to information given by the authorities, a navy vessel carried 450 immigrants, and it was also escorting a tugboat carrying 1300 immigrants to the port of Ragusa. A fishing boat carrying 250 immigrants had already been towed to that port.

As part of the relief program Mare Nostrum, the Italian navy intensified since autumn 2013 its help to the North African immigrants, which brought as result a massive increase in the flow of immigrants.

According to data given by the Italian government, some 39000 immigrants arrived to the Italian coasts or were intercepted since January this year. The 2013 data of 43000 arrivals is likely to double during this year.

Hundreds of thousands were waiting at the North African coasts to arrive to Europe, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said. He demanded more support from the European partners. The Italian government can hardly maintain control over this huge influx of immigrants.
From JF

The socialist government of François Hollande has after the electoral triumph of the Front National decided to drop their plans about the foreigners’ right to vote. This project has by now no chances of success, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said to the LPC TV channel, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reports. The support of the population is lacking for the implementation (of this project). Therefore the government now wants to concentrate on what is important.

A key campaign promise of Hollande during the presidential election campaign 2 years ago was the introduction of the right to vote in local elections for non-Europeans. It would have been mainly Moroccans and Algerians living in France who would have benefited from this right. The deputy chairman of the FN, Florian Philippot, called the socialist withdrawal a “nice effect” of the party’s electoral victory. A change in the constitution would have been necessary for this law.
Friday, 30 May 2014
I just happened to stumble upon a very interesting article in the Jerusalem Post which tells quite a lot about the attitude of Jews towards the recent victories of the Front National and other Right-Wing parties in Europe, and I must add that I simply cannot get over my amazement when I read things like the following:

Some Jewish leaders see a silver living in the election results, however, postulating that the rise of the far right may catalyze European Jews and Muslims to WORK TOGETHER.

Imam Ahmed Miktar, president of the Association of the Imams of France and a member of the GEMJL, agreed, stating that to succeed in protecting the rights of religious minorities, “we must learn to work together effectively on the both grass roots and leadership levels. Muslims and Jews. Our communities can no longer afford the luxury of standing apart.
So what is all about now? Does this mean that Jews want to ally with Mohammed Merahs and people like those who killed Ilan Halimi? Are Jews really so stuck in their incurable paranoia regarding the right-wing than they simply cannot realize that they may be heading towards a horror worse than anything else they have experienced so far? 

Here is another interesting paragraph:
Benjamin Albalas, the head of the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities, also warned of the results, envisaging the specter of the pre-Holocaust surge in European anti-Semitism. 
He is right. A pre-Holocaust spectre is indeed looming over Europe. But the problem is that they want to ally with the very community which wants to start this new holocaust.

Jews may have the highest IQ among men, as they proudly proclaim, but I wonder what use they can make of it if they suffer from this colossal mental disorder and suicidal lunacy. The second though which arises in one's mind is, however, that people simply cannot be so dumb. Something must lie behind this apparently lunatic and irrational behavior, for allegedly so intelligent people simply cannot behave this way. It would be contrary to any logic. And of course, here is where conspiracy theories start thriving and nourishing real antisemitic tendencies among Europeans. A Jewish-Muslim conspiracy to destroy the European peoples? Does anybody have other bets?

"...may catalyze European Jews and Muslims to work together".

I'm sorry, but a rational mind simply cannot understand this Jewish lunacy in light of the overwhelming Muslim antisemitism which has for years been unfolding in Europe. This is pure and simple madness, a collective paranoia... or history's most hideous and criminal conspiracy.

I recommend everybody to read the article and draw one's own conclusions.

From wsj (hat tip: Maria José)
MADRID--Spanish security forces Friday arrested six suspected jihadists, including a veteran of the conflict in Mali, in a series of predawn raids in the north African enclave of Melilla designed to break up a recruitment cell there.

Spain's Interior ministry said the cell was recruiting jihadist volunteers to be sent to fight in Mali and Libya. The veteran jihadist arrested in the operation is the first Spanish national known to have fought in Mali and later returned to Spain, the ministry added.

This is the latest of a series of similar police operations in Melilla--a Spanish territory with a population of about 80,000, half of them Muslims of Moroccan ancestry--and the nearby Spanish exclave of Ceuta.

Local officials have long expressed concern that the two unemployment--hit towns, mostly dependent on government subsidies and a service sector catering to civil servants and Spanish military deployed there, are becoming breeding grounds for Islamist extremism.

In March this year, four suspected militants were arrested in Spain and three in Morocco in a similar operation, targeting a cell that sent jihadists to Syria, in addition to Mali and Libya.

In September last year, Spanish police detained in Ceuta the suspected leader of a network that allegedly recruited Muslims from the two enclaves. Eight members of the same cell had been arrested just a few weeks before.

Yassin Ahmed Laarbi, a Spanish national, was preparing to join a jihadist group in Syria as he was detained, officials said.

Dozens of Spaniards, mostly from the two enclaves, are believed to have joined jihadist groups in North Africa and Syria, often fighting in groups linked to al Qaeda and taking part in suicide bombings.

As in other European countries, these volunteers are usually recruited online. 
Thursday, 29 May 2014
From fdesouche

The imam of the great mosque of Creil (Oise), which stands in the heart of the sensitive Plateau district, made it known after the prayer: ten kilograms of gold – worth some 300.000 euros – and some 2000 euro in cash have been stolen from the very place of worship. Since then, questions have been arising in the Muslim community: how, but first and foremost why was such a treasure hidden in the mosque?

It was the guard who discovered the theft last Friday at about two o’clock. According to his version, he allegedly saw a figure wearing traditional garments slipping out as he was coming back after having opened the doors for the first ones coming to pray. 

Those in charge of the worship place figured out the scenario: a “faithful” might have remained inside the mosque after the last prayers at night before forcing open the desk in which the gold was hidden. “They feel very embarrassed because of this issue”, one of the believers manifested. “Suspicions arise, and after that, a sensitive message (spreads): there is gold in the mosques”.

“The mosque was build and made habitable thanks to the generosity of the followers”, a person close to the Worship and Cultural Association of Muslims in Oise (ACCMO) explained. Among the most numerous (offerings) which arrived to the mosque, there was regularly gold. “In Islam, only women own it. Culturally speaking, the Muslims have the reflex of investing in this precious metal. The mosque receives this kind of donations, which get stockpiled over the years. It is kept for times of necessity”. Those in charge take turns in keeping this fortune with them, a fortune which arrives to the mosque under given circumstances. “The thief must be somebody standing close to the mosque, because of having known that the gold was there, at that moment”, an inhabitant of the neighborhood presumed. “Still, it is an old way (of doing things). Those donations could have been put in a bank”. The Police in Creil have been put in charge of the investigation. A witness gave information, and DNA samples have allegedly been collected at the place.

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