Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Local elections are to be held in the German town of Neuss (Neuß) the next 25th of May. The election contest is in full swing, and the nearest the voting day, the more desperate and debunking the ways of luring voters are – specially in the case of Muslims, of course. This is outright evident when the candidate is of Turkish origin and himself a Muslim, like Yasar Calik (photo below), a politician from the German CDU – Christliche Demokratische Union – Christian Democratic Union party. He has now added the islamic half moon to the logo of the party, so that everybody shall now see for whom will the Christian Democratic Union make politics in the town of Neuß (and in a perhaps not very distant future also in the whole country?).

It is also worth noting that the candidate for the SPD – Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands – German Social Democratic Party is also a Turk and a Muslim: Hakan Temel.

So by now anybody can guess in which direction German political trends are likely to drift...

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

All mainstream right (libertarian or conservative, same shit) and left (as well as far left) parties are fully corrupt and in the service of mass immigration and multiculturalism. They stand against a european Europe and for the unendning influx of africans, asians and middle-easternes. This is in fact what the EU is all about. Never vote for them and do all you can to discredit these traitors among your friends and relatives.

Anonymous said...

wtf is this, the moslems dont even feel a need to hide their infiltration of europe anymore, there coming out in plain sight now. That basically mean germany is gone, next they will be changing the german flag to include the crescent moon and terrorizing christians in whatever way their sick minds can think of.

And if you think this can't happen to the USA, THINK AGAIN! moslems have already infiltrated the US, according to “General Boykin: Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Pentagon in ‘high security clearance’ positions” - See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/03/u-s-general-muslim-brotherhood-infiltrated-pentagon-high-security-clearance-positions.html/#sthash.xxjySmKf.dpuf

What needs to be, is an anti-terrorism investigation in the christian democratic party for signs of corruption, because their is no doubt the moslems BRIBED members of that party! Marshall law needs to be declared and all moslems rounded up in mass detention camps for deportation, thats the only way now to stop this, if you wait too long the issue will escalate into CIVIL WAR, look at history, the same thing is happening during the Spanish conquest etc

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