Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Springtime clashes have begun in Rosengård.

The growing instability in vulnerable neighborhoods and suburbs has become a permanent Swedish sign of the spring. On Monday evening, police were called to Ramels road in the district of Rosengård in Malmö after some men had been shooting at passing cars with fireworks.

According to newspaper Sydsvenskan, the men also tried to set fire to loading pallets, and later in the evening they torched a car in Köpmans street.

According to Topnews, stones were also thrown in the streets. Eight persons have allegedly  been checked by the Police.

Sydsvenskan has talked to a witness who ran for cover into an apartment while waiting for the large number of police agents to take the situation under control.

- “We waited before leaving the car and giving up the situation (by taking refuge) in the house when we saw that those idiots were aiming at cars without taking any consideration”, the witness said to Sydsvenskan.

The riots are said to have started after earlier in the evening Police carried out a raid against four suspected drug dealers.

Even in Gothenburg several cars were set on fire during the night in the zones of Bergsjön and Lövgärdet, according to the Police.
Source: Friatider


Reality Check said...

The new Europeans not like the old Europeans. Where is Sweden's resistance? So few, and the leftists have control of everything. Pretty hopeless.

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