Friday, 14 March 2014
Last Sunday a woman from Hammerdal in Jämtland was the subject of a gang-rape carried out by 4-5 men of foreign origin. The mood in the place seems to be so tense that Police are afraid of self-justice being sought (by locals).

It was Sunday night when a woman in the small community of Hammerdal in Jämtland was gang-raped by some 4-5 men. The woman was on her way home from a party when the men of foreign origin, allegedly aged between 15 and 24, assaulted her. The attack stopped when a car passed by the place (where the attack was taking place).

The report on this incident made by the newspaper Östersund Posten made arise anger in many readers for questioning whether the rape had actually taken place when asking the following to the police:

-”Do you think that this has taken place?“

-“It’s hard to say. But there is a clear report on that.”

The newspaper closed the debate about the article after some angry comments were made.

”this question was ill-formulated, and we have given explanations about this part of the text. The intention was not to cast doubt on the declaration of the woman, but a more general question about the investigative work of the police”, editor Kiki Gustafsson wrote in the comments section.

According to the police, the general mood in Hammerdal has turned so tense that there is concern about locals taking the law in their own hands and trying to catch those who allegedly have raped the woman.

“There have been a number of rather aggressive issues circulating through the social media, things like gathering at certain hours and burn down houses, and things of the like. When things like this happen, they do it on a terrible magnitude. It would be something dreadful if an innocent person would be affected by this”, local police chief Göran Bergström told Östersund Posten.

Police will take extra security measures during the weekend in Hammerdal.

”this must be the very first time that one sees police agents in Hammerdal. Police presence in small towns in the county is otherwise as likely (to take place) as the landing of extraterrestrials”, one commenter wrote.

”I’m damn angry at what our once secure Sweden has now turned to be. Nowadays people see murders as everyday happenings. We must have again a secure country where everyone can feel safe”, another commenter wrote.
 Source: Friatider


Anonymous said...

Police protecting mudslims eh? If they're not strong enough to keep the headbangers in check, then they're not strong enough to keep the swedes either.

Anonymous said...

About time Swedes wake up to what the leftists and Muslims have done to their country...

parisclaims said...

Good luck to the locals. However your anger should be directed at the vermin politicians who invite these scum into your country.

Anonymous said...

Nordic Nationalists should bring Sweden, Norway, Denmark,Iceland and possibly Finland into an economic union if not a Unified state to oppose the EU. Then build a Navy your viking
ancestors would be proud of and defend your people from the skraelings of the world who would love to take everything you have - including your blood!

Anonymous said...

" It would be something dreadful if an innocent person would be affected by this”, local police chief Göran Bergström told Östersund Posten."

Clearly an innocent person has already been affected - the rape victim! I will reserve my concern and empathy for her.

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