Thursday, 13 February 2014
One of the most idiot multicultural clips you are ever likely to watch. There are versions of it in Spanish, English, Valencian, Catalan, Basque and Galician.


Clara C said...

funded by whom?

PeterK said...

So sick and tired of having this multiculturalist propaganda shoved down our throats everywhere we go now! Why don't white people have the right to keep their countries white and why do we need to accommodate these people?

They will never integrate because to give up their backward customs would be considered racist and a violation of their human rights of course and no career-politician would risk being labeled as such. People are very different and will always associate with others they share common goals and values with, hence multiculturalism is an utter failure, it will only lead to the breakup of every country that embraces it.

We don't live in democratic countries anymore, time we get organised and fight the liberal elite hell-bent on cultural and economic suicide.

Anonymous said...

The culture of non-white immigrants in Europe is IRRELEVANT. That's like saying we should be worried about the high body count of a country we are at war with. Chinese who want to speak Chinese or be the dominate demographic need to live in China. Simple.
As I mentioned earlier, unless they are WHITE, they will never be European. Therefore it does not matter what language they speak or which culture they assimilate to because it will not make the least bit of difference.

Non-Whites will never be assimilated because of their race. Being american just isn't culture you know

A Black man who speaks perfect Swedish and adopts Swedish culture is guess what?............ Not European.... because he is African race. A non-White will never be European no matter how hard they try, because they are not-White(European race).

Ethnicity is not programmable like a robot. You can not learn to be a different ethnicity. Because it is a part of your DNA. It is a physical concrete part of your body. You have to be born White in order to be of a White ethnicity.

You can change your career, you can change your personality, you can change your cloths, you can change everything about yourself... except for who you really are, your origins, your ancestors, your race. And that is what ethnicity is. It's not just language or behavior or customs. Saying that ethnicity is just spoken language and customs taking away the physical concrete part of ethnicity, seriously marginalizing it.

So if you honestly think that an African race man can be German just because he is able to speak German and knows the customs.... then you are seriously mistaken. Ethnicity can not be changed, it is permanent. It is built into you by your ancestors as a part of your body.

We do not want them to try to "assimilate" because assimilation of a non-White into a White country is impossible. All it does is belittles and marginalizes our ethnicities and national identity.

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