Monday, 6 January 2014

On New Year's Eve a man was arrested in Brigittenau, who, according to witnesses, fired in the air with a weapon. In the course of the arrest, which took place close to a mosque in Leystraße, suddenly 30 - 40 men stormed out of the mosque and surrounded the officers. Some of the men, who were of Turkish origin, attacked the police by kicking them. Apparently they wanted to free their friend, who was armed with a tear-gas gun, from police custody. After reinforcements arrived, the attackers fled, according to a statement issued today by the Vienna regional member of parliament Gerhard Haslinger [FPO - Freedom Party].

While the prominently reported about the "Burgenländer" who was arrested without resistance after firing 30 shots, nothing could be heard or read about the armed Turks, although an officer was injured in the course of the events.
Source Via: PI


Roni said...

Where is the 'GESTAPO Geist' of Once upon a Time?

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