Wednesday, 1 January 2014
If 17,000 sexual offenses are reported, and the police estimate that only 23% are reported, the actual number of sexual offences is around 80,000:
According to the National Crime Prevention Council (National Council) only about 23 percent of sex crimes in Sweden are reported to the police. Last year police reported over 6,000 rapes and almost 17,000 sexual offenses.
Source: Skanskan

If 87,100 violent assaults are reported, the actual number must be much higher:
"In 2012, about 87 100 assaults were reported in Sweden. The number of reports has increased over a ten year period."
 Source: BRA (Swedish National Statistics)


Anonymous said...

sacificing there women and children on the altar of mutlicuiltureism

Anonymous said...

Fritz Kohlhaas said...

Sweden is finished!

Anonymous said...

you can lose a battle, or several, and still win the war. Even Hindu's, Buddhists, and Christians are fighting back against Muslims now. Their nonviolent religions and politically correct institutions cannot conceal Muslims are predators. Although just because Buddhists can do it, doesn't mean Swedes can, their robot overlords need to stop being sadists and show them some mercy. Swedes should be banned from consuming any media besides action movies, combat training should become hugely popular, and because that might not be enough, considering, import people who are happy to put Muslims in their place, perhaps a paramilitary organization.

Anonymous said...

Muslims get out!

Roni said...

Last evening, I had watched ‘Scum City’ on ‘National Geographic’. Connor Woodman viewed the dark side of Amsterdam. He depicts the city as an extreme dangerous place to be. The place is a modern Sodom and Gomorrah where tourists encounter hazardous situations and risking their wellbeing in every corner. There was something very obvious about the programme. Despite the fact that Amsterdam is the capitol of the Netherlands, Connor Woodman did not encounter even one Dutch ‘scum’. The criminals that turn life in this city into one big horror arrive from the gutters of the Third World and Eastern Europe. Dutch and tourists are their direct victims. The situation points out how morbid is the EU with it’s free persons trespass (the treaty of Schengen). The Swedes, the Dutch, the French and other western Europeans are direct victims of left wing and liberal multicultural psychopaths they use to elect for their governments. The modern Quislings are leaving a ‘singe earth’ behind them. The question is how long this sickening situation will last?

Anonymous said...

I will tell you one truth european politicians get campaign funding and remittance in swiss banks from drug traffickers and people smugglers ,mostly the middle level leaders get this money, they then persuade senior leaders by showing valuable votes of immigrants

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