Monday, 6 January 2014

Tel Aviv (AFP) - More than 30,000 African asylum seekers who entered Israel illegally protested in Tel Aviv on Sunday, police said, in the biggest rally ever staged by migrants in the Jewish state.

"More than 30,000 demonstrators marched peacefully in Tel Aviv," police spokeswoman Lubra Samri told AFP.

Gathered in the coastal city's central Rabin Square, the protesters sharply criticised Israel's refusal to give them refugee status and the detention without trial of hundreds of asylum seekers.

"We are all refugees" and "Yes to freedom, no to prison!" they chanted in English, with Israeli rights activists also joining the march.

Ultra-Orthodox MP Eli Yishai, the hardline former interior minister who in 2012 led the government campaign to round up and deport tens of thousands of illegal migrants, denounced the protest.

Yishai said that the "infiltrators", as authorities call them, were encouraged by "anti-Zionist human rights organisations".

Rights groups say most African migrants in Israel cannot be deported because their lives would be under threat if they returned to their homes in Sudan and Eritrea.

Yishai told the website of Maariv daily that Tel Aviv, where many of the migrants live, "long ago became an African city".

He said the demonstration was "a sharp and clear cry for the state of Israel and judicial and law enforcement authorities to apply all the means at their disposal to return the infiltrators to their countries".

Dawud, an Eritrean asylum-seeker at the protest, told AFP: "We have fled persecution, dictatorships, civil wars and genocides.

"Instead of considering us refugees, Israel treats us like criminals," he added, without giving his full name.

Dawud said the demonstrators intended to head for the UN refugee agency's Tel Aviv office and foreign embassies in the city in further rallies on Monday.

Many illegal immigrants, who are often employed in menial jobs in restaurants and hotels, also launched a three-day strike in several Israeli cities on Sunday.

Under legislation passed on December 10, authorities can detain illegal immigrants entering Israel for up to a year without trial.

The same month a sprawling detention facility named "Holot" or "Sands" opened in southern Israel's Negev desert to house illegals crossing the nearby Egyptian border and for immigrants already in the country deemed to have disturbed public order.

The moves triggered protest marches by migrants, including inmates who are allowed out during the day but locked in at night, but Sunday's was the largest demonstration by far.

Israel says that there are close to 60,000 illegal immigrants from Africa in the country and that they pose a threat to the state's Jewish character.

Along with arrests and deportations, Israel has also built a high-tech fence along the border with Egypt's barren Sinai, the main point of clandestine entry.

Many migrants live in poor southern neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv where violent race riots erupted in 2012.

Anti-migrant protesters there were addressed by MPs from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, including hardliner Miri Regev, who at the time called the Africans "a cancer in our body".


hoosier said...

They should herd up those uncircumcised ape infiltrators and send them back to the jungle while they have the chance. Judea is for the Hebrews. Monkey World is for blacks.

Anonymous said...

Its fine for Europeans to whine about shit, but I expect a higher standard of behavior and personal responsibility from Jews. First of all, if no one was employing them, they would not come. If people boycotted businesses that employed them, there would not be an issue. Secondly, if they are already there, how about letting them know they can be subsidized to live in settlement territory? Thirdly, they are not giving anyone cancer, just HIV. On a side-note, non-Muslim Ethiopians are pretty awesome and should be encouraged anyway.

Roni said...

In the labels stand: illegal immigrants, Israel and Jewish hypocrisy. OK! Let me start with Jewish hypocrisy, by giving strait answers that many would not like!. First of all, I have to admit that the state of Israel, is a state of fools!!!. I fail to understand how could the infiltrators cross the Egyptian border? Peace with Egypt is a fake. The chance Muslim fundamentalists will cross the border, from Sinai, in order to commit mega terror attacks is there around the clock. It has always been since 1948. Every military guideline to patrol soldiers, moving in hostile area, orders to shoot at a suspicious movement. Locate, lock and load. Units of volunteers, armed up to their teeth are patrolling the area along the Rio Grande river between USA and Mexico. They have no problems with shooting. The border along the Rio Grande is less dangerous as the border between Israel and Egypt.
Israel had had to send the ‘infiltrators’ directly back over the border to Egypt and not let them enter the country. Experience with African and Muslim refugees is everywhere extremely bad. Apart from health hazard they form for locals in other geographical area’s (tropical diseases, HIV etc.) ) the African niggers behave themselves like baboons everywhere they arrive. The ones who are flying to Scandinavia are opening the fly of their trousers already in the air. They make themselves ready to rape the first woman they encounter on the ground. The State of Minnesota had made a terrible mistake by harbouring thousands of Somali’s in Minneapolis. They had in short time achieved to turn a nice city into a filthy hood. As a gratitude for the local Americans, lot of them belong to the fan club of Al Quida. In Israel the Africans had caused not only troubles, but they had become dangerous to the people living near them; especially in the southen poor neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv. Human Rights activists are everywhere the same. After the demonstration they return to their well to do homes, in white neighbourhoods and let the less lucky ones, keep on living in the ‘Dreck!.
The answer to "Yes to freedom, no to prison!" had to be “Shoot first and ask questions later”.

hoosier said...

"On a side-note, non-Muslim Ethiopians are pretty awesome and should be encouraged anyway." Really? Because I could smell a Haitian from a mile away. I actually overheard a black guy say he doesn't bathe because it would make his balls sweat. I guess the Ethiopians could teach us their customs of bongo-beating and flinging dung at each other.

Israel got it right when they sprayed those coons for scabies. I guess they wore gas masks so all the fumes the blacks created wouldn't knock them out. I recently saw a cute and funny picture where Israeli children were drawing pictures and writing insults on bombs that would be used to kill subhuman lebanese children. They had all smiles on their faces and it cheered me up that day. Israel should move on and capture Lebanon, Jordan, the Sinai, and Suez Canal and expel all the towelheads.

As Johnny Cash once sang
"America for whites. Africa for blacks.
Ship those monkeys back to the jungle.
Send those niggers back."
But then again what do I care? I'm a loner and a freak. White people don't want me.I also hate most people and myself most of all
Thecla 1:22-"Blessed are the bodies and souls of virgins; for they are acceptable to God, and shall not lose the reward of their virginity; for the word of their (heavenly) Father shall prove effectual to their salvation in the day of his Son, and they shall enjoy rest for evermore. "
heck yeah

Anonymous said...

As we can see, the Jewish state is struggling with the same problems as Europe. It too is facing the danger of a non armed invasion.
The logical conclusion would be to join arms against the common threat.

I can only hope Europeans are not beyond reason.

Roni said...

@hoosier 6 January 2014, 22.20
“Israel should move on and capture Lebanon, Jordan, the Sinai, and Suez Canal and expel all the towelheads”. It shouldn't be wise to capture Lebanon, Jordan etc.. You never get an empty country: you get it with it’s inhabitants. In this case, occupying mean lot of towel heads and terror (like it is in Iraq and Afghanistan). Israel does not need more Arab citizens. In the Independence war of 1948, Prime Minister Ben Gurion gave the preference not to attack the West Bank and Gaza. He did not want a big minority of Arabs that will endanger the demography in due course and cause lot of trouble in the present. That is also why the old city of Jerusalem stayed in the hands of the Jordan’s till 1967. The border between Israel and her neighbours was not a real border, it was a cease fire line (1949). Alas, it seems that Obama and his Democratic administration do not care much for the demography of the US. They are letting tsunami waves of Muslims and African niggers into the country. This is the right way to ruin the US from within.
Thanks for the lyrics of Johnny Cash song. I surely will use them a lot in my future comments. ( from time to time I am a copy cat).

Roni said...

@mementoil 7 January 2014, 00,47
The Jewish state has to struggle with Arab terror. Something that is normal for the area in which the country is located. You cannot live among Muslims and not be confronted by endless terror. However thee struggle with non-armed invasion (brings terror later) is wholly on the account of the stupidity of her leaders and all the people who want to play “righteous good”. This silly attitude is forthcoming out of a) living on a ‘mental island’; as most Israeli do. They do not follow news that have not directly to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. b) being ego-trippers with immeasurable arrogance. They wish to show the whole world “How good we are!”: at all cost!. Even at the cost of their less wealthy citizens. Point b. is, by the way, the same as in Europe.
You write: “the logical conclusion would be to join arms against common threat”.
There is nobody to join arms with. The leadership in Europe is far too decayed and corrupted. The righteous brothers at the top of European leadership and EU care as much for own citizens as Marie Antoinette had cared for the poor of France in the 18th century or Tsar Nicolai II of Russia before the Revolution of 1917.

Anonymous said...

If you spend some time in a neighborhood with plenty of Haitians and various other Africans there is a 100% chance Ethiopians will start to seem extremely classy. Not sure how the subject came up, but I share your self-loathing, and black neighborhoods become even more interesting when you let yourself marvel how it is possible to have so much self esteem. Anyway Ethipopian history has enough intersection with Jews that it doesn't seem fair to discriminate. If you judge friends/people more on loyalty and supportiveness (as do I) than literacy level, hygeine, materialism, etc. than most likely you really like black people. However, with Ethiopians, you don't have to choose between a bit of class and the supportiveness which is the one redeeming quality of a lot of blacks. At any rate, I have faith that Jews are equipped to deal with the smallest obstacle they have faced in thousands of years.

Roni said...

@hoosier 6 January 2014 22.20
@mementoil 7 January 2014, 00,47

If you want to know a bit on what is going on in Europe (it is nearly the same everywhere), here is a piece of everyday experience. Yesterday, I went by the Region Taxi to The Hague. On our way to collect the following passenger, we came along a neighbourhood in Rijswijk. A nice clean neighbourhood; where I had made, some years ago, efforts to rent there an apartment. I hadn’t done it, as for the rent, together with service costs, was far too expensive. When we had passed there, I was shocked. On more than the half of the balconies were saucer aerials (a sign that the inhabitants are immigrants; mostly Muslims). Where ever such an antenna stood, the balcony was empty of flowerpots or neglected. “What is this?” I asked astonished the taxi driver. “How can they pay the rent for those expensive apartments?”. The taxi driver gave me a cynical answer: “There is a magic word called ‘subsidy’!. Together with social benefit they can pay even for more expensive houses... I have to pay for my rented home € 750,-. . They don’t have that problem". My answer was that if, in due course, more saucer dishes will appear on the balcony’s, the Dutch inhabitants will be compelled to leave. The newcomers will own the neighbourhood. Via their young children, they will chase the Dutch away; even if the Dutch who are living there for more than 40 years.
the change of inhabitants could be seen in the streets. Wherever we had looked, we have seen more and more veiled women with children and buggies, bearded men and g North African youths and African blacks. The old Dutch that still tried to keep on living there, were in the minority. Later on as the taxi had passed the Hague neighbourhood “Schilderswijk” the taxi driver, the second passenger and me had made a sport to count how many Dutch we see in the streets. They were very few of them; mostly passers by on a bike.
The way back from the hospital was real fun. The taxi driver who had passed the neighbourhoods of “Schilderswijk” and “Transvaal” had become suddenly very angry.
“Godverdomme!”, he cursed, “Look at this!. How many of them we need here? The whole area is crawling by them!. It looks as thought our leaders are blind!”. I had answered that our leaders are not blind, but it seems that they are earning some Euro’s under the table. If there was no profit, they hadn’t allowed all the jungle and desert in the city.

Tom Bowie said...

While it's a dark comedy, the YouTube video "AntiRacist Hitler" shows this exact situation and its outcome.
There's no going back after a point.

Roni said...

@Anonymous 7 January 12.24
“Ethiopian history has enough intersection with Jews that it doesn’t seem fair to discriminate”. Well, the Jews have intersection with the Ethiopian Falasja’s who are Jewish by their faith. But Jews have nothing in common with the ‘Falashmura’ who had been once Jewish, but had converted themselves to Ethiopian Christianity. In the Netherlands are thousands of people who have had Jews in their family line. In Portugal are in the Algarve whole communities who consist of converted Jews (Inquisitions). these people do not regard themselves as Jews. How much the official Israeli PR is doing it’s best; the Ethiopians in Israel are not so classy. The girls are doing quite well, but a great deal of the boys had found their idols in the US ‘Gangsta’s’. They behave themselves as Negroes do everywhere. They know their way to the state prisons.
“If you judge friends/people more on loyalty and supportiveness etc.”…My opinion on African Negroes is based on personal experience in a Dutch neighbourhood that had turned in to hell. The only qualities Europeans had encountered in African Negroes are : the love to rape (even dead women in Stockholm), the love for criminality, love for drugs and the love to live on others costs. I bet you try to play it political-correct from the sideline. No Niggers are to be seen in your neighbourhood (otherwise you had already moved away with the rest of your white neighbours).
“At any rate, I have faith that Jews are equipped to deal with the smallest obstacle they have faced in thousands of years”. Well I don’t. Take as a metaphor a skilled poker player. For many decades, he plays on tournaments and used mostly to win. At some point, he grows older and his reflexes slower. His faith in his ability and arrogance undermining him to so reality on eye level. Till the day he get a real blow and he is out of business.
For the poker player it is a lost game, for the Jews it is TO BE OR NOT TO BE (William Shakespeare)

Anonymous said...

Roni, you make a lot of really good points, and I definitely don't wish on anyone a neighborhood where taking Truvada every day just in case you get raped is pragmatic, although I assure you I've lived in them. My building appears to be majority African at this point, although I am guessing that there is some serious welfare-scamming going on to be here. Its true, that if one goes far enough down a certain path, there is a point of no return, no matter how enticing another path may look, there is nothing that can be done. Ethiopian girls have been some of the nicest people I've ever met, and have not interacted so much with the males.

hoosier said...

II'm not 100% sure if this is actually Johnny Cash or some imposter I only heard it for the first time a while back. But I do remember him saying the n-word in two different songs a long time ago one was about a nigger liking watermelon. Those songs were shoved under the rug so this may have been too. Johnny Rebel was a big deal back in the 60s so they could've gotten together.

Roni said...

@Annonymous 7 January 18.16
@ hoosier 7 January 22.10
Starting with Annonymous. Well you had, maybe, the good luck to encounter good negroes in your neighbourhood (in the States?). I am sure; they were black people wearing an academic title before their name. They were certainly not ‘Negroes with a Pippa’ (a gun in ‘Papiamento’: the language of the Dutch Caribbean’s). It reminds me the show of Chris Rock ‘Niggaz vs Black People’. If you don’t know it yet, see RECOMMENDED!.
Me and my son were surrounded by African negroes and Muslims in our old neighbourhood, who hated us like hell. We were different types of whites they had encountered. There were some attempts to enter our apartment. However, we both had made it a rule, we don’t give our life for free without a fight. We were always armed as we went out (by self made devices that do not stand on the police list of forbidden weapons). Our apartment looked a bit like the house in the movie ‘Home Alone’ (when kid Kevin had taken measures against the scum). No one could enter the house with out being recorded by DV-cameras that were connected to one of the computers. This was for us the only way to stay alive.

@hoosier: Thank you very much for you information on Johnny Cash. For sure there were attempts to shove his lyrics under the rug. It didn’t fit the political correct policy of the last 40 years. I am going to listen to the YouTube link right now.

Roni said...

Your YouTube link of Johnny Rebbel & Johnny Cash, will be soon a hit on European anti Islamisation blogs.
One of the Dutch blogs had just posted the article on the Islamisetion of Sweden
I use in my comment a new version of the lyrics. Here they are:
“Sweden for whites. Africa and the desert for Muslims and blacks.
Ship those monkeys back to the desert en jungle.
Send those niggers and Muzzies back.”

Muzzies is an ugly nick name in most Scandinavian languages for Muslims.

Anonymous said...

You have a right, you have the right to leave, so get out!

Anonymous said...

Israel is hypocritical as all hell. they.insist on maintaining their Jewish civilization but shove third world criminal parasites into all white majority countries. i hope lots of Jews there get robbed and their girls raped by niggers. i don't like wishing for people to suffer but Israel deserves its comeuppance.

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