Friday, 3 January 2014

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Maria José said...

Malta cannot afford to continue supporting migrants from war-torn countries in its over-crowded detention camps, the country's foreign minister has told CNN.

Speaking with CNN's Isa Soares, George Vella said that while he didn't want to blame the migrants, they "do not help themselves" in the immigration enclosures as they "break toilets" and "smear the place."

When asked what the government can do to improve living conditions in the detention camp, Vela responded: "They don't care for the facilities they have... we cannot afford to carry on looking after all these numbers, and utilizing our resources."

Islamist terrorists are blending in with migrants in order to gain entrance into the EU, Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said Monday, lamenting that Italy's EU partners were not paying enough attention.

"A lot of evidence suggests that by now, other less friendly migrants or people on the move are mixing in with women and children or using them as human shields. They may be former jihadists, members of al-Qaeda or of other groups," Bonino said at the foreign press club in Rome.

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