Thursday, 9 January 2014

Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas on Tuesday, so this was yet another deliberate Muslim profanation of Christmas.


Anonymous said...

The big tragedy of the West is of course that our traitor-globalist rulers have allied themselves with sunni-islam against Russia. The deeply fatal alliance with Turkey and Saudi Arabia should also be seen in this context.

Now I dont think that we have every interest in common with the russians, but to align ourselves with sunni-islam against a european christian people is so stupid, so dangerous and so sad.

The russians are our allies in the battle with islam, and a islamized Russia would be the end of Europe.

hoosier said...

It's time for Russia to bring back the orthodox tsardom and wage one final crusade against the islams in their country. Russia got it right when it comes to gay rights. Instead of vowing to eliminate all terrorism Putin should have vowed to eliminate all towelheads in Russia. When a star rises in the east it will shed its holy light through the dark clouds that cover the West.

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