Friday, 10 January 2014
A decree of the administrative court of Paris, referring to the law of 1905 on the separation of church and state, prohibits ringing the church bells in the village of Boissettes from 1 January onwards. A new attack on the roots of France?

Of course. Secularism is the Trojan horse of the Muslim conquest, which is the limit, if you think about it. As for equality, and to stay with the Trojan metaphor, it is our beautiful Helen, of whom Aeschylus said: "She has destroyed the walls, the ships, the men." Equality and secularism are the two enemies of the interior, the commonwealth. If we give them free reign, they will let nothing of the nation remain. Secularism, as it is now understood, is also just a variant of equality. Each time that in one rare gesture of resistance we refuse something to the Muslims, equality and secularism, in a single voice, demand that it is also refused to Christians and Jews, even if the first, at least, have enjoyed it for fifteen centuries. In this game, Islam always wins: it wins when it wins and it also wins when it loses, because what it's getting ready to replace, and already has replaced to a large extent, has to pull back just as much. If we don't want calls of the muezzin, do we need to stop our church bells?

No nation, no people, no civilisation can survive if they continually submit in this suicidal fashion to the aberrant rule that there is equality, in their heart, between that which constitutes their essence and that which undermines it: between the friend and the enemy, between the indigene and the conqueror, between the replaced and the replacer, between the citizen and the non-citizen, or very simply between self and non-self. To which, of course, the replacists and diversity-mongers reply that the nation has no essence, that it is whatever we want it to be, a geographical expression, a hotel, an administrative stamp. For my part, I insist that our only lifeline is to draw up a charter of what is French and what isn't (as for the language) and to ferociously refuse any equality between this and that: between church bells and muezzins, between churches and mosques, between hair in the wind and Islamic veils, between faces and letterboxes.


Anonymous said...

CZ will disagree but increasingly it becomes clear that now and even more in the future our race will be our nation- ORION....our race is our nation.
The national borders of old no longer contain and define and safeguard our race.
We need to rewrite our histories from a different perspective - our white race.
This more than anything else should be our rallying cry - its the one thing the invaders can't steal or mimic. They steal and mimic every other identifying characteristic while we muddle with words trying to think up reasons why we should be allowed to have our own cultures and our own countries - and not appear'racist' at the same time - bollocks. Race is real. Race is an intrinsic part of our identity- in the case of white people probably the most important part. We must embrace and defend our race- everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

"To which, of course, the replacists and diversity-mongers reply that the nation has no essence, that it is whatever we want it to be, a geographical expression, a hotel, an administrative stamp."'%C3%AD)

Some of the principles outlined in the New world order include:

universal peace based on global collective security;
the unity of religion;
the setting up a world government which could enact laws required to satisfy the needs of all people;
an elected world parliament;
a binding world tribunal;
a world police force;
a universal bill of human rights;
the universal right to education;
the setting up of an auxiliary universal language;
the continued diversity of culture;
a world currency;
a system of world commerce through the establishment of an equitable economic system where the economic security of the individual is assured;[2][3]
elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty.

Anonymous said...

certainly, The New Race is coming.

1) based on Western culture and Judaeo-Christian moral
2) high IQ
3) secular
4) meritocratic
5) global

no it won't be exclusively White, most likely "diverse" with prevalence of White and Yellow.

we are The New Race -
those who work, create and invent for the sake of all humanity,
those who play classical music, make the best movies,
those who come to European museums, great Cathedrals and Art Galleries,
those who sets the tone at world's high-end scientific labs, technology hubs, and universities.

The New Race is already here.
it only needs to self-identify, declare, establish, separate and protect from the archaic rest.
that is what we will do next.

Dr Bazooka said...

@ CZ,
In this context, "la cité" refers to the political organization of the antique Athens.
(Roughly : a State where the policy is debated by its citizens.)
I don't know if it can be translated by "city" in English, otherwise something like "State", "national cohesion", "democracy" or "Republic" would suit.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

But as "whites" we will be rootless and without history. Just look at the poor americans. No! The nations and peoples of Europe must exist, yet of course we must understand our common identity and protect our race. And dont give me "judaeo-christian" there is NO SUCH THING! Judaism is the new religion, the jewish selfworship, of the traditions of the Talmud. It is against Christ, against christianity!!!

Anonymous said...

>>Judaism is the new religion, the jewish selfworship

worship or selfworship, whatever, - what matters is
1) the idea of Monotheism,
2) The Golden Rule,
3) The Commandments and the unity of law.

That all was first known from Hebrew Bible long before, and then continued by Christianity.

Hebrew scriptures were translated to Greek around 250 BC in Alexandria.

Majority of "White" Europeans have Hebrew first names.
including many anti-Semites, such as Josef Goebbels, Pascual Jordan and that little worm David Duke.

on your "race" - if you continue being in denial about history, intolerant and blind to others' achievements, while insisting (without justification) on your supremacy, then your "race" - whatever you mean by this - will degenerate.

Anonymous said...

Im not insisting on any kind of supremacy! Far from it. Supremacism is hate and imperialism, and I stand against both. I insist on survival for all peoples, jews included. And judaism is still primarily the Talmud, not the Hebrew Bible. There is an abyss between christianity and judaism, and I think you know this very well!

Anonymous said...

>> There is an abyss between christianity and judaism,

what is much more relevant is common roots (Biblical, see above), and also the history of Jews in Europe -

certainly there is difference, - Christianity is universalist, feminist and much more progressive religion than Judaism. Talmud must be some medieval, secluded, intellectual alchemistry, no doubt.

but we live here and now.
the facts of life are -
there is only tiny % of modern Jews who consider writings of Judasim seriously.
the rest are secular ("emansipated"), the majority in 7-8 generations.
but they don't forget Jewish history and heritage - ancient as well as modern.
which isn't forbidden.

this is the context of CZ and Kevin MacDonald being zoological anti-Semites, myself being 4th-generation-emancipated secular Jew, and you - still not sure what your position is.

Anonymous said...

The'nations and peoples of Europe' won't exist you idiot- they barely exist now THEY ARE DYING- or more correctly they are being murdered. All you will have is your whiteness- until you too are killed off or bred out.
When they attack you in the jew controlled media they attack you because you are white. When they attack you on the street- when they beat you and rape you they do so because you are white.
And all the stupid whites do is bleat about how they're not racist - and pretend that none of this is really happening because they have lost their ancient white character - and their souls

Anonymous said...

>>The'nations and peoples of Europe' won't exist...

Stop boozing!

Anonymous said...

demographics demographics demographics demographics demographics demographics
The brown birthrates and the non-White hordes flooding in to Europe write the future.- not the Whites, numerically Whites are dwindling fast. As for the brains of the Whites - if we could disconnect them from the jewmedia and get them in to detox maybe there would be some hope..

Anonymous said...


it isn't helpful to generalize like that.
some "brown" people made considerable contribution to Western civilization.

"jewmedia" - nice one.
In Russia, they also refer "television" as "Tel-Avision".
use it, - will add even more credibility to what you say.. among ones like you.

(but overall.. what a screwed world you live in man... heart of fucking darkness).

Anonymous said...

Obviously your race hasnt been marked for disappearance. My race is shrinking fast but l will gladly pause for a moment to celebrate the contributions to Western civilisation by the Semites and other non-Whites. Yup l am profoundly grateful for all the great improvements made to Western civilisation by Semites and other non-Whites. So lets move on, only White people aren't permitted to have their own countries - for the non-Whites its no change in their native lands - China is still Chinese, Africa is full of Africans, more than ever reproducing madly compliments of tens of billions of dollars handed to them every year by White people. Japan - no change there either. Pakistan? same as ever, no change there. Israel? theyre deporting the African "refugees" - we all know lsrael is for the Jews. The only countries undergoing massive race rearrangement are the White countries. There is nowhere for the Whites to go if they want to live amongst their own kind, Whites are supposed to celebrate this.
As for TV yes l would rather watch television programmes made by White people just like me rather than programmes made by Jews or Pakistanis, l don't like having my person re educated and re shaped by people from alien cultures every time l turn on the TV or for that matter every time l read a newspaper or go to the cinema.
A recent lsraeli study found that babies and very young children are "racist" - they prefer the company of their own kind, its not so surprising in fact its perfectly natural to prefer the company of ones own kind - well it used to be perfectly natural until "progressives" - many of whom are Jews - decided White countries had to be remade according to some non-White racial model.
Evolution had served the Wh.ite race well until it was decided that regression is more "equitable" - Whites are no longer in charge of their own destiny. Heart of darkness, yes - the lights are going out right across the West

Anonymous said...

I would like to watch TV made by HONEST and WELL INFORMED people.
You would like to watch TV made by "White" people.
Got it.

BTW what do you mean by "White"?
was Elvis Presley "White" - he had some Jewish ancestry.
the same story with many others, eg actors like Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson.
how do you decide - consult Nazi racial laws?
good luck with that.

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