Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Stealing not for loot, but purely for the kicks. Research by the police in The Hague shows that, more and more, this is the reason muggers invoke for their actions.

According to the research on the young people, the booty is not as important as in the past. For example, stolen phones were sold for profit. But the research shows that the often very young offenders steal to impress, to act tough and because of the thrill. So, for example, in some cases, the thieves film the theft so they can boast about it to others.

Achmed Marcouch, Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, has doubts about the outcome of the investigation. He thinks it finally comes down to the loot, which allows the perpetrators to earn quick money. The problem, he says, is that the probability of detection is low, while mugging also needs to be punished more severely.
Source: Eenvandaag.nl


Anonymous said...


Europe will be doomed until the European man wakes up and crushes. Until then, the muslims are asserting the will of nature and pecking out the weaker species.

I don't like it either, but if you observe natural law, it is the truth. The emphasis needs to switch from outrage to action, but first make a stop at identity, and then a will to power.

parisclaims said...

Knowing what we now know, what possible excuse is there for importing more of these savages into the west?

Roni said...

The young “children” in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam etc. are not acting for the joy of having a kick. They are sent to show their balls on the streets by their parents, the mosque leaders of their neighbourhood and the older boys who are sympathizers of fundamentalist Islam and the Syria Fighters. Look how far óur boys' can go!. At the others hand they want to show the Dutch how cowardly they are; they are afraid for children!!. The “kids” always pick up weak victims like old people and girls alone. They never attack people who look like Muslims. It is a war tactic intended to gives an impression on how strong the ‘enemy’ (who feeds them) is and what can be expected of him when the Armageddon will start.
@Annonymous writes: “I don't like it either, but if you observe natural law, it is the truth”. When the Dutch indigenous will start to hit back, it would not be the natural law. No. All opinions will start a lamentation of : How cruel and racist the Dutch are! They show again the face of Colonialism and the wicked nature of the whites etc.

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