Sunday, 5 January 2014

Día de la Toma 2014 por V1683

Día de la Toma (2) por V1683

Día de la Toma 2014 (3) por V1683

In this video you see the group of young Spanish patriots appear and take up position in the Plaza del Carmen. Their spokesman conducts an eloquent defence of the Reconquista, of patriotism, and of nationhood generally, while leftists/Muslims shout and jeer at them from the other side, singing, among other things, "No a la Toma, Sí a Mariana" [Mariana Pineda, Spanish leftist].

Both sides sing songs whose names and words I don't know. If you know, leave a comment.

This was the flyer the patriot group was handing out on the day.


Anonymous said...

jajaja que bueno que te bajaste a Granada

Anonymous said...

Anyway in Granada and Andalucia now almost no Moors, it's not like Brussels or Malmo. in Spain the issue of Islam has not yet jumped into politics, besides the more Islamized area by far is Catalonia, worrying that if

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It's not like Brussels or Malmo, but it's definitely worse in Granada than in Cordoba. I heard Arabic being spoken a few times in Granada, which I have hardly ever heard in Cordoba. There are also a lot of Africans selling counterfeit goods around the place. At one point I even saw three Africans running down the street carrying sacks, looking as if they had just stolen something.

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