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Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is a prominent member of the mainstream right-wing UMP party. Formerly a minister in Sarkozy's government, she exerted pressure within her party to prevent a rapprochement with the Front National. Now she is a candidate for the mayoralty of Paris. She is of Jewish ancestry and gave this interview while on holiday in Tel Aviv.
Questioned about antisemitism and Holocaust denial online, NKM rages against American policy with regard to freedom of expression on the internet:
You realise, although in France we try to hunt down revisionism and Holocaust denial on the internet, in the United States, where a lot of websites are hosted, all tendencies on the internet are accepted in the name of freedom of expression.

UPDATE: Since this has been questioned, I have seen NKM described as "of Jewish parentage" on various websites, including Jewish ones.

Here, for example, is a French Jewish website describing NKM as "d’ascendance juive" [of Jewish descent/ancestry].
NKM d’ascendance juive visite Israël


Anonymous said...

actually NKM has roots in Polish aristocracy.

she's not anti-Semite, and, if I'm not mistaken, supports lefti and elitist views.

it isn't clear what she meant by "to hunt down".
most likely she meant just exposing and debunking Holocaust deniers.

oh and denying Holocaust isn't free speech.
there is difference between free speech and lying.

nice to see CZ switching from informing about islam in Europe, to the full gear to battle joooos.
even when they are imaginary.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You're mistaken about many things.

The Kocziusko were Polish Jews.

Thanks for confirming that even ordinary Jews are opposed to free speech and not just the elites.

Anonymous said...

>>The Kocziusko were Polish Jews.

"Polish Jews" - aaaaaaaaa, how can you spell THAT?

do you mean, - the members of "tribe" can be in a way considered related to some thing "European"???

or, is she a French Jew?
what do you think about her - would you deported her from your New Europe if had chance to arrange things in Eurrope as you like?

again, there is difference between "free speech" and "delibearte desinformation".
first one, is simply the way of communicating.
second one is misrepresenting FACTS - which might in some case be criminal offence.
don't think you are so dumb not to understand that.
simply disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

Kocziusko is the name of a Polish soldier who fought in the American Revolution. He founded the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers. There are places in the U.S. named after him. Is this one of his descendants? If so, shame!

Dr Bazooka said...

I didn't know that she was Jewish. But considering her successive positions and statements, I admit that I'm not surprised at all.
It's obvious that she isn't interested by the French people. She wrote a book against Marine Le Pen.
During the last presidential campaign, she criticized Sarkozy for turning nationalist. And she spits every time she can on the patriots, on the "populists" and the "xenophobes".

Moreover, it's really a matter of censorship. These days, they achieved to silence Dieudonné M'bala M'babla (their golem gone mad). But classicaly, since years, they all dream to shut down the "Réacosphère", mainly Fdesouche.
If people like NKM want to fight against lies and propaganda, they just have to close the mainstream press, "our" research institutes, and even the schools.

Time has come for the Jewish youth to invite their representatives (official or not) to go to hell or to change their policy.

Patience begins to dry up.

I know that History gives to the European Jews some excellent reasons to be distrustful. I know that some partiots don't have much love for you. But the best thing you can do to marginalize them, is to prove your loyalty.

In France, the Jewish community has always been dementially pro-immigrants. In the end, this support will deserve a Darwin Award.

Anonymous said...

"oh and denying Holocaust isn't free speech.
there is difference between free speech and lying"

Does this include lying about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution, Holomodor, CHEKA, running security apparatus of Eastern Europe, decadence of the Weimar Republic, opium monopoly in China, etc., or is it acceptable to lie about Jewish criminality.

The Holocaust: 'Never Forget' vs The Holomodor: 'Never Admit' morality

Anonymous said...

>> Does this include lying about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution

at least some of what you mention are defintely lies and distortions.

there were no gains to Jews in Bolshevik revolution; Jewish religion and culture were suppressed

Ukrainian Golodomor was directed against kulaks, it was class war rather than ethnic genocide.

Soviet "security appartus" collaborated with German Nazis in 1939-40, knowing well that Nazis persecute and exterminate Jews.

not sure about decadence in Weimar Republic.
are Jews also responsible for decadence of ancient Greece? or Rome? or post-golden age Spain?

still not free speech, - quite mediocre slander actually.

Anonymous said...

is there something essential on NKM?

does she want
more Islamization in France?
more Muslim immigration?
to cancel burka ban?
to allow Qatar and Saudi Arabia to build more mosques?
convert churches to synagogues?
Koran lessons in state schools?
to allow polygamy? unlabeled halal?
to give Muslims and non-hereditary French more privileges through state founding?

is she really that bad?

she's not anti-Semite, - it is fine with me.
she's lefti - OK I got it. not a big deal, I excuse her, because she is charming young lady.

but why is all the fuss?

Anonymous said...

Free speech most certainly DOES encompass "lies". It encompasses "hate speech" as well. Without the liberty to "lie" and express "hate", all one is left with is state-approved speech, which isn't free speech at all. As Orwell famously wrote: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

Who gets the privilege of deciding what's true or not anyway? If the answer is "everyone" (any alternative being a kind of Ministry of Truth), then there's no way to support banning "lies" and still believe in free speech.

Anonymous said...

>>Free speech most certainly DOES encompass "lies".

as you wish.
I will talk for myself, - I don't lie, this is my understanding of free speech.

let other readers decide whom they trust more.

Anonymous said...

You may not lie deliberately but facts are hard to get at when the media is owned and controlled by the jews

Anonymous said...

>> facts are hard to get at when the media is owned and controlled by the jews

Just give me one example of MSM reporting something favourable about Jews or Israel.
It is always "Palestinian people" against "Israeli forces", "women and children" against occupation, apartheid, disproportionate force, bla bla.

If BBC is controlled by "the jews" - why do they hide Balen report?

So, you do trust "the media" about NKM not liking Holocaust deniers - good.
But then, - how "the media" allowed this report to pass if they knew full well that people like you and CZ will start crying "activism against free speech"?
There are only 3 explanations
1) or they are 100% sure that their facts are right
2) or they are in fact not controlled by "the jews".
3) both
What do you choose?
Don't you find this triple logic a bit annoying?

And BTW you can easily tune to Al-Jazeera or Press TV - they are definitely not controlled by "the jews". Get your "alternative facts" about Holocaust from there, - most likely you will find it trustworthy and satisfying. In full accordance with your understanding of free speech.
But then don't be surprised when majority of normal Western people will avoid you as plague for such views.

Zaba said...

To the Anon holding the fort:

Indeed: nice to see CZ switching from informing about islam in Europe, to the full gear to battle joooos.

Yes, I find myself checking out the comments on any story that has anything to do, however vaguely,
with Israel or Jews. (as we know, in certain misinformed circles, these are synonymous.)
I see this as a two part blog: news stories with and without Jew Baiting.
The news stories seem to be all gleaned from news sources of some type.
(I am not that familiar enuff w/ the blog to say 'all' of them.)

Has there been any investigative journalism done by CZ, or is everything copied?
There have been some fotos, taken whilst CZ is out walking around.

With this recent shift towards Jew Baiting, the question is begged:
Is this the plan?

If not, why would CZ encourage comments like these:

You may not lie deliberately but facts are hard to get at when the media is owned and controlled by the jews jews

Easily done with a Comments Policy like this:

(I draw your attention to the first half of the last sentence.)

Comments Policy
17:43 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Free speech reigns here. In general, I will only delete comments if they are spam, in a language I don't understand, or if I feel that they put the continued existence of the website in jeopardy by violating some rule or law. In the case last mentioned, I regret having to perform an act of censorship because I myself have no moral problem with unrestricted free speech, including incitement to violence or praise of terrorist acts.

Overt racism, antisemitism, and Muslim proselytism is all welcome here, as long as it is relevant to the topic at hand and does not put the continued existence of the website in jeopardy by violating laws or regulations.

Anonymous said...

As credit to CZ - I was never censored despite ad hominems from my side.

When losing the argument, his preferred mode of operation is to paste next topic, also anti-Semitic but on differrent aspect, to confuse the opponent. So they go in packs.

Any anti-Semitic views are based on extreme prejudice, selective representation of facts, twisted logic, and also, frankly, large dose of self-aggrandizing.
To argue is the waste of time, mostly.

However, the dangers of Islamic expansion and wide-spread treason of elites in the West are very real.
Want it or not, this is war, and CZ and his cabal of "White" supremacists appear in the neighbouring trench against the same enemy.

This blog and its Comment policy allows knowing how the mind of another potential adversary works, what to expect, and how to be prepared.
Which is, of limited but non-zero use.

Anonymous said...

Another totalitarian Jew in action. Calling other people Nazis and fascists when she doesn't even believe in freedom of speech herself. The hypocrisy is sickening. France is a signatory to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is supposed to guarantee the right to freedom of expression. But that means nothing to Jews like her. Jews have destroyed freedom of speech in France. The JDL (Jewish Defense League) is a FBI registered terrorist organisation which has a history of violence and thuggery against holocaust revisionists. Revisionists do not go around attacking Jews it is the Jews who go around attacking revisionists -

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