Thursday, 9 January 2014

"In prison, it's the prisoners who set the rules!" The warning shout was given by David Derrouet, the mayor of Fleury-Mérogis, who recently walked out on the PS [Socialist party]. Overwhelmed by the excessive prison population, the guards admit to "closing their eyes to certain behaviour", according to one of them. "For white inmates, for sure, it's not great," acknowledges Christophe, a guard in the prison of Baumettes, in Marseilles. If they are not part of a mafia or they are not known in the scene, "it's best to stay in their cells", says Stéphane Wulleman, and officer for the Prison Guard Trade Union, who makes it clear that the "exercise yards are areas of non-law". Other prisoners prefer to convert to Islam to avoid being ostracised: "When we see an inmate who not long ago was eating pork starting to perform his prayers, we wonder if something has happened," reports Christophe. The guards prefer, as much as possible, to bring together inmates "by affinity" in order to reduce tensions. "There are racist insults, that could be "dirty white" as well as other things," continues Wulleman. When they're not physical attacks, such as the one last week at the prison in Alençon or, the one at the start of December at the incarceration centre in Fresnes.
Source: Valeurs Actuelles

This week Valeurs Actuelles has a cover story about anti-white racism in France. This is just one of the sidebar stories related to it. The story was accompanied by a poll on the topic.
For 47% of French people, left and right together, "anti-white racism is quite widespread in France".

For right-wing voters, the percentage rises to 66%, 58% in the mainstream right-wing UMP and 83% for supporters of the Front National.


Reality Check said...

A lot of bloggers are tagging their posts 'anti-racist is code for anti-white' Makes sense to me. I wonder if FN can win the next elections. It's getting dire in France, the Muslim numbers are just overwhelming. If Le Pen wins, will she be able to get through legislation halting all Muslim immigration? To me that is pivotal.

Maria José said...

Un centenar de personas protagonizan disturbios en un barrio musulmán de Melilla con seis policías heridos

El reparto de empleos públicos incendia Melilla

Un grupo de descontentos se enfrenta a tiros con la policía

Disparos de armas de fuego, lanzamiento de cócteles molotov, barricadas... Los barrios MUSULMANES de Reina Regente, Monte María Cristina y La Cañada, los más marginales de Melilla, han vivido esta noche, durante cuatro horas, escenas de violencia que acabaron con un número indeterminado de heridos

VIDEO - Disturbios en el barrio musulmán de la Cañada en Melilla

Anonymous said...

sicking how fashinable it is to be racist against whites. look at alot of hollywood movies always making whites out to be the bad guys like white house down or whatever it's called. the one with jamie foxx in it. ALL the bad guys are white, you know blonds, red necks and white trash or older bitter white guy retiring.
Avatar was the same all the bad guy's were white, all the good guys were blue - played by black actors, resembling native amereicans allied with clearly leftist geek types.

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