Sunday, 8 December 2013

I've posted here quite a few times about Zahid Khan (click the tag to find related articles), a Pakistani resident in Germany who authored The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed. Khan considers himself to be a prophet, too, so is obviously a bit eccentric. Nonetheless, people should be allowed to be a bit eccentric without being threatened and killed. He has faced two assassination attempts in the last four months, one only a week ago. The first he thwarted by shooting one of his attackers; the second surprise stabbing attack he only survived thanks to a protective vest hidden beneath his clothes. However fantastical his claims to be a prophet are, the attempts to murder him are real.

I'm not sure why the Counterjihad movement has completely ignored this guy while embracing the con man Imran Firasat. Presumably they are put off by his claims to be a prophet. Or perhaps he said something critical about Jews once and had to be added to the Anathema list?


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