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A thrill of satisfaction recently went through the Counterjihad community following news that Angola had banned Islam. Initial reports, which may have been exaggerated, said that mosques were being closed and destroyed. This evidently provoked salivations of delight among those involved in resisting the onward march of Islam. But it also begs a question: if this is what the Counterjihad community wants, why do none of them say that? Why do none of them advocate policies that even remotely resemble the “Angola solution”?

Whenever anti-Islam activists are pressed to distil their concerns down into some practical proposals that could be adopted as policies by a political party and then implemented at the government level, what do we get? Nothing of consequence. No “mainstream” party or figure or movement within the Counterjihad community has ever proposed anything that would make any significant difference to the islamisation of European societies currently underway. Why is that? Very simply, they are imprisoned by bad ideas. Indeed, they are imprisoned by the very same bad ideas that caused the problem in the first place.

A recent editorial from Lars Hedegaard on Dispatch International is illustrative of the moral and intellectual failure of the Counterjihad movement, or at least of those who constitute the public face of it.
The political terms left and right came into existence in 1789 during the French Revolution. Members of the National Assembly who supported the king sat to the right of the speaker, and revolutionaries to his left.
To the right belonged the representatives that to a greater or smaller extent were in favor of keeping the privileges of the nobility and the priesthood. The leftists advocated freedom, equality and brotherhood and wanted to abolish all special privileges.
If we apply this criterion, there is nothing right wing about Dispatch International. Quite the contrary: We belong to the far left as we are determined foes of any discrimination and believe that we should all be equal before the law. This implies, of course, that we must all have the same duties and that nobody should have the right to invoke preferential treatment with reference to social status, ethnicity, race, religion, political ideology or sexual orientation.
Source: Dispatch International

So let’s run with this for a while. Let’s pretend that the governments of Europe stopped actively discriminating in favour of Muslims and stopped giving them preferential treatment. Would that solve the problem?

No, it wouldn’t. Muslims would go on colonising our countries at their current astonishing pace. Eventually they would achieve demographic ascendancy, at first locally, then nationally. With that, they would elect their own Islamically-minded politicians who, perfectly legally, through the democratic process, would sweep aside all the carefully-wrought “human rights” protections and simply impose their will on the rest of us, discriminating against non-Muslims and mocking our demands for equality.

The approach proposed by the the better-known activists and organisations within the Counterjihad movement leads inevitably to the eclipse of European civilisation and the triumph of Islam. They cannot shed their “Be Nice” approach, partly because it has been so deeply instilled into them, partly because they have lived comfortable lives without the need for serious struggle, and partly because they are afraid of the criticism a more radical breach with the ideological status quo would provoke.

When people in the Counterjihad movement react to the islamisation of their countries, they are reacting only to the symptoms of the problem that afflicts us, not its underlying cause. Insofar as they make any effort to grasp how this catastrophe could have come about, they fumble for half-baked conspiracy theories, like “It’s all a plot by the EU in league with the Arabs” or “It’s all a plot by Communists” or, in some cases, “It’s all a plot by Jews”, the latter rarely heard overtly in the Counterjihad movement because of its domination by Jews, but surfacing in comment sections. This isn’t to say that the EU, Communists and Jews have not played facilitating roles in the islamisation of European societies. But trying to pin it on them specifically as part of some dastardly plot can only end up being reductive, if not absurd.

The truth is that the genocide currently being inflicted on the peoples of Europe was implicit in the ideas that triumphed in the Enlightenment, ideas that were articulated by the “philosophes” in the latter half of the 18th century and were then exalted by the French revolutionaries, ideas of which Lars Hederberg still apparently approves, and he is far from alone. This ensemble of bad ideas constitutes the intellectual prison in which modern western Europeans have lived out their lives. When an ancient European peoplehood was replaced by a bit of paper with the word “Citoyen” written on it, the genocide we are currently living through was already foreordained.

In a recent interview, the French writer Renaud Camus makes clear his realisation that “Equality” is a chimerical dogma that, in practice, translates into genocide for all the peoples of Europe.
What did you think of the controversy surrounding the installation of a Christmas crib in Villefranche-de-Rouergue railway station? [see here]

I think that equality, if we let it, will destroy national identity, as it destroyed schools and culture. Let's not deceive ourselves: why is the issue of secularism coming back to the front and centre? Because good republicans see it as a rampart against the islamisation of society. But this badly constructed rampart is going to fall back on them and on us. It will work like the natalist laws, which actually speed up population replacement. To ban the Islamic veil, they think they have to ban all religious symbols at the same time. And we accept that the visibility of Christianity is scorned in the vain hope that this concession will limit the visibility of Islam, which is more evident every day. This conception of secularism is a fatal trap, but, behind it, it is equality itself that must be called into question. Equality, once it leaves it strictly legal basis - the legal equality of citizens - sweeps away and destroys everything it touches: the family, the cultural sphere, national identity. If we want France to survive, there can be no equality in France between those who are French and those who aren't; between those who form part of our culture, our civilisation, our traditions; and those who are foreign to them; between the religion of our fathers and the religion of our colonisers.
Source: Boulevard Voltaire


Anonymous said...

Keep it up , hope people begin to listen .

Zaba said...

This should do the trick:

Geert Wilder's 10 Point Plan To Stop The Islamization Of Europe

2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology that sentences apostates
to death

108042 said...

@Zaba, that will in no way do the trick.

The push to redefine Islam as something other than a religion is simply another trick in the Jacobin Human Rights crowd's playbook.

If it isn't considered a religion, it doesn't have the protections of Official Equality Doctrine.

If it isn't a religion, than the Jews like Geller and Spencer can have it lumped together with Nazism and the Qur'an banned like Mein Kampf.

There would still be tens of millions of Islamic immigrants and their descendents in Europe, and more on their way.

These people wouldn't stop practicing Islam just because some infidels had decided that it wasn't a religion.

The idea that it isn't a religion is absurd, anyway. It may be a disgusting, totalitarian, militaristic, death-worshiping religion, but it's still a religion.

Geert Wilders is the exact kind of pseudo-oppositional figure that Cheradenine is calling out in this post.

Zaba said...

Dear numbers:
Very little religion in islam, 85% of koran is @ mohammad.
Study up. See

and re:

The push to redefine Islam as something other than a religion

This IS happening; pretty sure it is via the Murfreesboro, TN community.
Islam is an ideology akin to Nazism, Communism.

And you are clearly a proud muzlim or islamophile!

PS: Read Geert's other nine points for the rest of the story.

Seneca III said...

In principle I agree with the main thrust of this article, particularly what I interpret, rightly or wrongly, to be its sub text. Having long held that there is no such thing as a viable, democratic political solution to the problem [de facto invasion aided and abetted by a substantial de jure fifth column], and having privately and publicly, and mostly unsuccessfully, espoused this point of view within and without what the author refers to as the Counter-jihad, I still see no reason to presume that those dark storm clouds on our near horizon mask anything other than the imminent arrival of the Four Horsemen.

If they do not then Europe and its native peoples, and many others throughout the Euro/Anglosphere, will slowly but with increasing rapidity cease to exist. Wars can be won, and there are always survivors, but extinction is forever.

108042 said...

Zaba, you miss the point entirely

Opposition to Islam must be framed differently than the way you are doing it.

You are parroting the arguments of the very intellectual failures in the counterjihad that the title of the article you are commenting on is talking about.

Opposition to Islam must be framed as opposition in en ethnic, tribal and racial sense. You are making it purely "ideological", in order to sanitize it and make it palatable to liberalism and human rights.

The Qur'an, Sunnah and Hadith, Fiqh and Shariah, compose a religious doctrine. That you are a bitter ex-Muslim or refugee from Muslim lands with a bone to pick, who wants to perpetuate the very liberalism that is making Europeans minorities in their own nations, doesn't stop change this. Your arbitrary and frankly retarded definition of "religion" is irrelevant. It's quite obvious that you only want Europeans to oppose Islam, and you do not want Europeans to actually assert themselves collectively or establish any ethnic or racial mode of organization, because that would not be in your self interest, being the racial alien that you are. So you insist that Europeans continue down the same destructive path.

You are not an ally of the white European race, if you refuse to name the Jews, if you refuse to advocate for ethnic nationalism in Europe, and if you refuse to reject totally the premises that underlie liberals such as Geert Wilders and Robert Spencer.

You are so thick-headed, so daft, that you don't even realize that the article you are commenting under is in direct disagreement with the stupidities you take for granted!

Anonymous said...

Yes, when people talk about human rights as the solution to islam or any other problem you know that they are on board the doomed jacobin ship. And the West is the sinking jacobin Titanic.

We must leave this ideology of utopian insanity behind, if we wish to survive.

Anonymous said...

The counter-jihad was as a political movement born a failure.

Addressing islam as a major problem is fine, but in of itself it doesnt solve the long term problems in the West.

Even if muslims were not allowed into europe or North america, the continents could still be flooded with millions of christian/animist african negroes, confucian chinese, indian hinduists, and christian mestizoes.

The problem is progressive marxist and liberal thinking and its anti-european derivatives.

Until a full scale attack is mounted against these all pervasive ideologies, and the importance of race and ethnicity is akknowledged, the political problems will not be solved.

Its really that simple when the larger picture is taken into account.

Anonymous said...

"...his realisation that “Equality” is a chimerical dogma that, in practice, translates into genocide for all the peoples of Europe."

See the "Further reading" section.

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