Sunday, 1 December 2013
Are you an illegal immigrant? Do you live in Malmo? Have you been on welfare for at least four months? Then you have the right to get a computer from the municipality for free.

The day before yesterday the City Council in Malmo decided on new guidelines for social assistance or income support as it is now known.

The new guidelines stipulate that families with children who have been on welfare for at least four months are entitled to have a computer and internet connection paid for by the municipality. Households without children must be on welfare for six months before they qualify for a free computer, says Sydsvenskan.

So-called "undocumented children", i.e. illegal immigrants with a declared age under 18 years, may also be entitled to computers on the same terms as the others.

The same municipality has also been refusing for years to collect hundreds of millions of kroner owed to it by an Iranian association. When a court ruled that it had to collect the debt, the municipality, bizarrely, chose to waste taxpayer money fighting multiple legal appeals against the decision! It didn't want to collect the money it was owed because doing so might force the Muslim association, which it said had "social importance", to close down.


Roni said...

If I read this article and the article below, it is impossible for me not to come to the following conclusion. The government of Greens and Socialists, of Federic Reinfeldt, is committing a crime against humanity. In this case a crime against own indigenous people. It cannot be that a government is allowing non-stop physical attacks by the imported enemy against own subjects and take it for granted. It cannot be that a government does not care when the same imported enemy is hurting and mass raping the women of their hosts. That includes even brute raping of women while they are dying. A government who accept that situation is not allowed to be in charge even for one day. The Swedish government use to be indifferent to the suffering of it’s own people. A government that use tax money in order to sustain the living of imported hostile invaders and let them live a parasite life on the back of it’s own citizens, has to go home. The Swedish Greens and Socialists had become a hazard for their voters. Every single day they are in charge, Sweden undergo more damage. The possibility is, even at this stage, that the damage is already, for good, below cure. Some one has to put an end to it; even if it comes to a military coup.

parisclaims said...

Do socialists hold regular meetings where the topic is
"How can we spunk away even more tax payers money?"

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