Wednesday, 18 December 2013

More and more people are realising that the hippy generation, those charming young innocents with flowers in their hair, effectively destroyed the greatest civilisation the world has ever known. They took the wealth, both literal and figurative, that generations of their ancestors had amassed and blew it all on one massive spending spree. They awarded themselves generous welfare and pension entitlements which their contributions did not cover. The next generation would have to break their backs trying to pay for the hippies' retirement. They threw open the borders to the hordes of Africa and Asia so they could indulge their moral vanity and tell themselves what fine people they were. But it was the succeeding generations who would have to live with the consequences in the form of jihad, a fractured society where freedom is continually being suppressed further and the holocaust of crime the aliens have unleashed against the indigenes. One self-indulgent generation threw away what it took thousands of years to build up.

Even mainstream commentators are starting to pick up on this now. We are seeing articles pointing out that the next generation is going to be poorer than the one before. (See here).

Or the one below.
Every generation has its cross to bear.

For those born at the turn of the 19th century, it was either war or the Spanish flu, or if you were really unlucky, both.

My grandparents lived through the Holocaust, post-war austerity and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Their generation fought and died for what they believed in, sacrificed their youth (and their health and sanity) for the greater good, worked hard to build a better world for their children.

They also produced the most pampered, self-indulgent, ungrateful and selfish generation ever to have walked this earth: the Baby Boomers.

Look at the legacy those born just after World War II have left their children, i.e. my generation. Generation joyless. Generation left-to-pick-up-the-pieces. Generation debt. Generation no-you-can’t-afford-a-mortgage. Generation, basically, stuffed.

This week the Institute for Fiscal Studies issued a report confirming what everyone in their 40s already knows: we earn less, work harder, can’t afford decent housing, have little or no job and financial security, massive personal debt, no savings — and when we do eventually get to retire somewhere around the age of 103, our pensions will be tiny.
Granted, it’s nowhere near as bad as dying in a shell hole in the Somme. But, in view of the golden opportunities our parents were given, it is more than a little irritating.
The boomers were charmed. They had excellent free education, all the way to university, and job prospects galore.

In the late Sixties and Seventies, a working man could afford to buy a reasonable-sized house and support his family. He could look forward to paying his mortgage off and a decent retirement.

And if Britain wasn’t good enough for you, there was always the rest of the world: Europe, America, Asia: it was all to play for.

My generation needs two incomes just to keep their eyes above water. For many, paying off the mortgage is a pipe dream. We will have to sell our homes and use what little we have left to fund our retirements which, knowing our luck, will coincide with a massive property price crash.

We’ll probably end our days sharing a bedroom with our poor children who, bless them, are even more doomed than us.

Will you end up poorer than your parents? Children of the 60s and 70s are worse off because of meagre pay rises, dwindling pensions and sky-high property prices

As for escaping abroad, there’s no point: the rest of the world is in the same boat. The Boomers had it all; but instead of supporting the infrastructures and institutions that gave them such advantages, they set about systematically dismantling them in the name of progress.

Education, family values, social responsibility: all that dreary old stuff went out the window in favour of a culture of responsibility-free hedonism. And now we are paying the price.

Revolution is all very well; but if you tear something down, inevitably someone’s going to have to clear up the mess you make. And it seems that someone is my generation.
The ones who instead of free love, cheap houses, fast cars and a seemingly never-ending supply of fun got global warming, Aids, Kajagoogoo, austerity and the hideous Toyota Prius (or Pious, as my husband calls it). Thanks, guys.

There’s no denying that the Baby Boomers were (are) a wonderful, vibrant and hugely entertaining lot. They tore down social barriers, gave us great music, movies, fashion, design, literature. They were creative and adventurous in a thousand ways — and they had one hell of a party.

But they’re not the ones suffering the hangover. It’s us, their children, and their children’s children, on our hands and knees trying to get the metaphoric candle wax out of the carpet while they look on, gently sipping a Bloody Mary.
No one ever had it so good. And chances are, they never will.
Source: Daily Mail

Of course, the mainstream accounts leave out the invasion factor. But the third-worlders have bankrupted every country in western Europe that they have colonised. Only systematic falsification and concealment of evidence by our ruling classes conceals this essential truth. It turns out that when you let a horde of third-worlders into a civilised country, they turn it into a third-world country. Who'd have thunk? I mean, according to the Equality Cult, people are all the same, right?


Crayola Kid said...

Awesome video! I wish I could find a transcript of it. A potent dose of truth. This is reality. Our generation has been sacraficed for the alien hordes consuming our lands, our jobs, and way of life. The previous generation set this insanity up and left us with the bill.

Anonymous said...

"Sex, drugs, and rock and roll."

What dumbasses!

Anonymous said...

We were sold out by two sides of the two-headed dragon.

1. Unfettered Capitalism allowed the corporatists to sell their own people and nations out in favor of an inexhaustible pool of cheap 3rd World labour. They lobbied for and obtained the keys to the gates of immigration which they tore off at the hinges.

2. The hippies, commies, leftbots, and all manner of social outcasts who live in the land of unicorns and cotton-candy clouds who believe that all people are the same except for their degree of sun tan. Oh what a wonderful world we could have by enriching ourselves with diversity and tolerance.

Well, where are these bastards now? We have all but lost our birthright and our children's fate is nearly sealed, doomed to become hated minorities in their own lands.

May both groups burn in the flames of hell!

Anonymous said...

About time there was a logan's run law.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame us younger boomers for what our elder brothers and sisters did. I was a child during the '68 riots. I remember seeing Danny the Red's hate-twisted, hideous face filling the TV screen and magazine pages, but I had no idea what it was all about. For years I thought it was about Vietnam like most of the riots and demonstrations of that era. Then I read up on it and found out that it was about the pedo pervert Danny the Red wanting access to the girls' dormitory at his university. That was all. Our civilization was shaken to the core because a Communist perv wanted lots of free pussy.

Anonymous said...

"1. Unfettered Capitalism allowed the corporatists to sell their own people and nations out"

what you describe is Fascism.

You seem to not have any understanding that Free Markets and Rule of Law is not 'unfettered capitalism'.

Anonymous said...

It's all too true!


Lay the blame where it truly belongs,with the filth that did and still does infest Westminster,the scum that YOU voted for and still do.There were not endless systems of social welfare for us,we were not all hairy middle class students,many of us did not get anything to eat until the midday meal at school,if we could afford even that,how many times has this ego centered bitch had to patch the holes in her shoes with cardboard?This is truly twisted,blaming us for the benefits that they now receive,i perceive that this is just a prelude to the younger generations trying to riggle out of their commitment to fund our retirement,but their myopia will surely backfire,for who will fund thiers,rabid wogs,niggers,or the rest of the worlds detritus that has grafted itself onto our resources?Next time that you vote for more of the same,remember this.

Anonymous said...

The boomers were not just responsible because they squandered our wealth, they're also responsible because of how they changed society.

Before social welfare and state pensions old folk were cared for by their children, but the pensioners provided a valuable service too, they looked after children or helped out around the house, they didn't go galavanting around the globe behaving like lascivious teenagers at the age of 65.

The boomers' pensions are not serviceable because although they paid in NI they didn't pay in enough to service it. Also, why on earth would they believe that the government would not dip into this huge pool of money to spend on other things?

People are so naïve, especially the braindead hippy class who still think we're all the same regardless of where we are from.

Anonymous said...

My parents bought a sizable Edwardian house in london (much bigger than the flimsy new-build junk nowadays) in 1962 for £3k, on the wages of ny father, a carpenter on a building site. My mother was a housewife full time from the late fifties. How many chippys in london now could buy a house, and support a wife and five kids on one wage? Zero.

Anonymous said...

When you mix a half gallon of shit with a half gallon of ice cream you get some awful tasting ice cream. It is never the other way around.

Anonymous said...

I never liked hippies before, now I really hate them. Why did no one bother to put a leash on these idiots?!

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