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According to Friatider, the newspaper Expressen has collaborated with a "research group" set up by violent "antifascist" activist Martin Fredriksson to compile lists of thousands of Swedes who have posted critical remarks about immigration using Disqus on websites like Avpixlat, Friatider and Exponerat. The name and address data of some or all of these people has been obtained, possibly from a website hack. Harassment operations are now being conducted against the people identified, including turning up on their doorstep and filming them.

The newspaper Expressen is now selectively publishing some of the information gleaned to cause problems for the individuals identified. This is already causing fall-out in the Sweden Democrats party, which, despite its immigration-critical stance, insists on playing by the politically correct rules.

A leading Sweden Democrat has been forced to resign following revelations that she had posted xenophobic and insulting messages on various far-right websites.

“For us it's primarily a question that representatives must never represent extremism regardless of platform," Sweden Democrat spokesperson Martin Kinnunen said on Tuesday.

Marie Stensby represented the Sweden Democrats in Jämtland in northern Sweden and was voted in as an alternate member of executive board at the recent party conference; until Tuesday’s revelation in the Expressen daily she had furthermore intended to stand for election to Sweden’s Riksdag in 2014.

The local politician previously leapt to national media attention in November 2012 when she called for the establishment of a ""a reservation for Sweden's indigenous peoples" in her home county of Jämtland.

"In my darkest moments I wonder if you (Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt)... would consider adopting an old American model. For us Swedes who want to carry on being just that, Swedes," she explained at the time.

Stensby is among some eleven representatives for the Sweden Democrats named by Expressen on Tuesday to be the people behind aliases used to express insulting and xenophobic comments on various websites frequented by Sweden’s far-right.

The aliases have been exposed by a group named Researchgruppen which is credited by the newspaper with having established their identities via the forum platform Disqus. Researchgruppen is widely reported to have links to far-left organizations, including AFA - an organisation which advocates violence to achieve its political goals.

Stensby resigned from all her positions of responsibility in the party on Tuesday following revelations that she posted “I hope they starve to death” in a comment on an article about teenage asylum-seekers who had begun a hunger strike.

Many of the comments attributed to other Sweden Democrat representatives contained derogatory and racist sentiments about Muslims and Africans. Many of those responsible openly admitted their comments and their aliases claiming that the websites were the only places they could air their views.

The affected websites posted defiant messages in response to what they call ‘opinion registration’ with Sweden Democrat-funded website Avpixlat for example promising revenge and warning that Swedish journalists will be given a ‘taste of their own medicine’.

The Local has sought comment from Avpixlat and Fria Tider on Tuesday but has not been successful.
Source: The Local

Several more politicians risk being kicked out of the Sweden Democrat party following revelations that they posted xenophobic and insulting messages on various far-right websites.

“Their actions will not be without consequences,” party secretary Björn Söder told the TT news agency on Tuesday.

Maria Stensby, voted in as an alternate member of the party’s executive board at the recent party conference, resigned on Tuesday morning following confirmation that she had said “I hope they starve to death” in reference to an article about a group of children on hunger strike at an asylum centre.

Stensby was one of eleven Sweden Democrats named by the Expressen daily in a report compiled on information provided by Researchgruppen, a group linked to the far left. The group has collected the details by accessing user information in the Disqus forum discussion tool.

The politicians were shown to have posted various hateful, xenophobic and, according to some legal experts perhaps illegal, messages under aliases on websites such as Avpixlat, Fria Tider and Exponerat - all sites which echo the Sweden Democrat party's negative line on immigration, multicultural society, and the mainstream Swedish media.

According to a report in Aftonbladet earlier in 2013 Avpixlat is funded with the help of Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth who has been shown to have editorial influence in the site’s content.

Tommy Jonsson, who represents the Sweden Democrats in Ystad in southern Sweden, is reported to have written “what separates human beings from the apes? The Mediterranean” while hiding behind the alias “shejken” (the sheik) on Fria Tider. He is also reported to have written “you can take the negro out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the negro” and made insulting comments about the Roma.

He is furthermore shown to have posed the rhetorical question “was Adolf really wrong?”.

Gerd Wall, who represents the Sweden Democrats in Vadstena municipality in central Sweden, is reported to have written: “there is a good reason why gypsies (sic) are hated in the whole world, we are reminded again and again of how they behave”.

When challenged by Expressen’s reporter to explain their comments Jonsson claimed his posts were a joke and Wall expressed frustration with how Sweden looks today.

Anders Dahlberg, who ran for office for the Sweden Democrats in the church elections earlier this year, was revealed to have called for a relaxation of weapons legislation so that “ethnic Swedes” could arm themselves.

“It is better for us ethnic Swedes to arm ourselves. Preferably with a Glock 17 for us gentlemen and a Glock 19 for the ladies. Then we can defend ourselves against the culture-enrichers,” referring to a common term of derision used ironically in far-right circles to refer to immigrants.

Dahlberg has also used the words "cave dwellers", “negro”, “breeding cows” and “parasites”, while hiding under the alias “Malmoman64", to refer to immigrant groups.

When confronted by Expressen’s reporters over the comments, Dahlberg said that his daughter also uses his computer.

The revelations are the latest in a long litany of indiscretions by local and national Sweden Democrat politicians, which have gained greater prominence since party leader Jimmie Åkesson announced in October 2012 that there is a need to "clean up" the party rank and file after a slew of controversial comments by members, stating that there is no place for racism in the party.

The most high profile victim of the often derided “zero tolerance” policy was MP Erik Almqvist who stepped down in November 2012 as the party's economic policy spokesman over racist statements he made on a film clip which also featured Kent Ekeroth.

Party secretary Björn Söder stated on Tuesday that the policy remained in place and that a consequence of Tuesday’s revelations may be further expulsions from the party.

“From what I’ve seen there are things that are contrary to the party's core values ​​and that violate our ethical guidelines. That is to say that you are never anonymous and that you should be able to stand for what you write. And if you stand for these things, you have no place in the Sweden Democrats,” he said.

High-profile legal professor Mårten Schultz speculated that some of the comments made by the Sweden Democrat representatives could also be illegal and subject to prosecution.

“My guess is that some of them are "hets mot folkgrupp" (hate speech),” he told The Local.

Schultz furthermore cited the law in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Those who write a comment must themselves take responsibility from the content of the comment… comments which constitute a breach of the law can be... liable to prosecution.”

The websites involved all posted defiant messages in response to what they call "opinion registration" with Avpixlat for example promising revenge and warning that Swedish journalists will be given a "taste of their own medicine", an threat which was later removed.

The site's name literally translates as "unpixelated", but is also a Swedish colloquialism meaning to "reveal" or "unmask" and one of the most common recurring themes on the site is publishing photos of suspected criminals of foreign origin.

Expressen played on this in their reporting on Tuesday by pixelating the faces of the politicians involved and whose identities were then revealed when clicked.
Source: The Local


Anonymous said...

Party of the Swedes

Anonymous said...

I know I am not Swedish but please put me on the list anyway, it would be a badge of honour.
Seneca III

Anonymous said...

Great comment, Seneca III!

Roni said...

More cornered cats who are making strange movements. The Swedes are good companions of Francois Hollande. "Brothers in Arms" in bad times. Limiting Freedom of Speech does not help much.

Anonymous said...

I am going to pass you some info. Expressen is owned by Jewish Bonnier family. A Swedish reader told me and I verified it. Wiki on it.

Reality Check said...

It's Orwellian in overdrive. Thought-crimes are next.

Anonymous said...

The political correct leftists are Nazis!

Anonymous said...

Researchgruppen was until a few years ago called AFA Dokumentation (Anti-Fa Documentation). It was the extreme left intelligence 'police', with their registers and death lists.

Its led by a 'former' AFA-leader Fredriksson who is sentencend to several political and violent crimes. And is owned by the grandson of Olof Aschberg, the banker who helped finance Lenin, Trotskij, the October revolution and the mass killings of orthodox christians in Russia, and the theft of their churches cultural treasures, gold and icons.

Which Olof Aschberg melted down and sold on the black market.

The grandson of Olof Aschberg (and owner of Researchgruppen) is called Robert Aschberg, and was a leading maoist in Sweden, until the eighties. He now is a priced journalist and TV-producer.

Roni said...

@ Anonymous,11 December 2013 21.25 h.
You have a point. It is very difficult for me to understand what the hell is moving this family to kiss ass with their most virulent enemies and give them a playground for their filthy dangerous tricks? The multicultural leftists are not only enemies of their own folk but they are extremely dangerous for the country they are now living in and having good life. Aren’t they afraid? If the Muslims would take over With a Little Help of their multicultural friends, they will have to live under the Sharia. Good bye to good life with Champos (German slang for Champaigne) and freedom. But the Socialist wolves in sheep skins are about to come one day out of the dark and turn the country into a “Democratic Folk Republic” EUSSR Style like in the good old days of the Warsaw Pact. Something is here very morbid.

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