Thursday, 12 December 2013

I posted yesterday about how people who had posted pseudonymous comments on Swedish anti-immigration sites like Axpixlat were having their identities outed by an "antifa" research group and the Swedish newspaper Expressen. It seems that their data haul was of broader scope than originally believed and extends across the entire world.
A group of Swedish journalists are sitting on a goldmine of 29 million online comments, with information about users' identities, from news sites around the world thanks to a security flaw in debate moderation service Disqus.

After outing several 'online haters' at home, which caused several resignations from the populist, far-right Sweden Democrat party, the Swedish investigative journalists behind the revelations said they had accessed the identities of several million commenters using the popular Disqus system.

Martin Fredriksson and his colleagues started collecting Disqus data back in February 2013 as part of a project to more closely analyze anonymous online comments. They hoped to understand more about who was behind hateful and racist comments on far-right websites in Sweden. They unearthed some 6,000 anonymous accounts in Sweden on commission from the tabloid Expressen, which published the data on Tuesday.

Fredriksson told The Local on Thursday that the unmasking of a few thousand users behind pseudonyms used on far-right sites in Sweden could just be the tip of the iceberg.

There were millions of Disqus users whose identity is at risk of exposure, said Fredriksson, responsible publisher (ansvarig utgivare) for the Research Group (Researchgruppen, who said his group's database contained a total of 29 million comments from Disqus users around the world.

"We used an open Disqus API protocol to obtain the data," he said, using a common acronym for "application protocol interface", which specifies how software components should interact with one another. In order to obtain the data more efficiently, Fredriksson wrote a programme that automated the data download requests sent to Disqus servers.

"You usually get around 100 comments with one request, but our system was able to send ten requests at once," he explained.

While the thrust of the research focused on far-right sites in Sweden, data was also collected from news sites elsewhere in the world, including CNN, The Telegraph, ABC News, and The Jerusalem Post, as well as from mainstream Swedish news site such as Svenska Dagbladet, SVT Debatt as well as The Local.

Members of the Research Group quickly realized, however, that the data they received also came with metadata that included the email addresses tied to anonymous Disqus accounts.

"It came as something as a shock," he said. "We got a lot of data we probably weren't supposed to get."

Fredriksson emphasized that the group didn't use any illicit methods in obtaining the data, but that the information was included in their trawl due to a security flaw at Disqus.

"When you leave a comment as a Disqus user, there is information about the date, username, and the comment itself which is open data," he said. "But (Disqus) also sent us data with coding that made it possible to identify people's email addresses."

After it emerged that Disqus users has been identified in the Expressen news stories, the company was quick to take action.

"Disqus has not been cracked. No emails were leaked by Disqus," vice president for marketing Stephen Roy said in a statement released on Tuesday.

He explained that Disqus offers API services that include "MD5 hashes" of email addresses that allow users to access third-party services such as Gravatar, which in turn permits users to display a consistent avatar across platforms.

"This appears to be a targeted attack on a group of individuals using pattern matching of their activity across the web, associated with email addresses used by those individuals," said Roy, calling the actions a breach of Disqus privacy regulations. "As in all such cases, we are terminating the account."

Roy added that Disqus was disabling use of the Gravatar service and removing the MD5 hash email from its API.

"We will evaluate any further changes that will need to be made based on these actions," he said. Inquiries from The Local for further comment were not immediately returned.

Fredriksson took exception to the Research Group being painted as wrongdoers by Disqus, explaining that he and his time "didn't even use any account for this, and never had to agree on any terms of service"

"We are researchers and they cannot blame us for researching openly available data. I think the bad guys are those who handle our personal information so carelessly," he said.

Fredriksson went on to admit that he and his colleagues aren't sure what to do with the data now in their possession, but expressed fears about who else might have similar technology that could unmask Disqus users.

"You can imagine a lot of unseemly scenarios," he said. "Perhaps the authorities in Iran, for example, have data like this from Israeli media sites and might use it to find out who is behind the comments."

Fredriksson said the incident is a wake-up call for news sites and online commenters everywhere to be more aware that their data may not be as safe as they had previously thought.

"People need to know more about the risks that arise when third-parties get access to their data," he told The Local. "It shows how much uncertainty there is in systems like this."
Source: The Local

I didn't pick this up before because even the "politically incorrect" Swedish sites are too politically correct to mention it, but an anonymous commenter to the previous story revealed that the Bonnier family, which owns the Expressen newspaper, is Jewish. So this is yet another example of Jews endorsing the pro-immigration, pro-Islam, multicult, anti-freedom agenda.

While trying to confirm this, I stumbled on the following article at the DestroyZionism site. (As I made clear once before when citing this site, I do not agree with its general agenda and am not against Zionism, which, as I understand it, is just nationalism for Jews. I support nationalism for everyone, including Jews.)
The Swedish media market is dominated by the large media groups Bonnier, Schibsted and Stampen. The following are, for example, the largest daily newspapers in Sweden:

1. Aftonbladet (Schibsted)

2. Dagens Nyheter (Bonnier)

3. Expressen (Bonnier)

4. Göteborgs-Posten (Stampen)

5. Svenska Dagbladet (Schibsted)

6. Sydsvenskan (Bonnier)

7. Dagens Industri (Bonnier)

As you can see, Bonnier owns or controls four of them, Schibsted two, and Stampen one. Together, they control all of the largest daily newspapers. Bonnier is owned by the Jewish family Bonnier, and Stampen is owned by the Jewish family Hjörne. Both families are known to be engaged in Jewish causes.

Schibsted is owned by major Jewish international banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank of New York Mellon. However, this is not merely about ownership and financial interests.

The Schibsted-owned newspaper Aftonbladet (the largest in Sweden) recently admitted that the management of Schibsted when needed consults with their Jewish masters. Aftonbladet says the banks’ power over Schibsted is “both direct and indirect”.

We could go on about smaller newspaper, TV channels, and so on, and the pattern is similar. Jews also sit on key positions in these companies – for instance, the Jew Peter Wolodarski is editor-in-chief of the Bonnier-owned Dagens Nyheter.

A tiny group of parasites – there are only about 20,000 of them in Sweden – control all of the country’s media, directly and indirectly.
Source: DestroyZionism

I mentioned before that I've been learning Swedish. As I read some of the stories about the kind of absurdities political correctness gives rise to there, they almost seem like April fool inventions. There is a great story waiting to be told about how Sweden became the politically correct basket case (or "humanitarian super power" as its elites like to boast) it now is. Why does Sweden differ so much from the other Scandinavian countries? Is Jewish media ownership part of the explanation? But since Swedes can also understand Danish and Norwegian, could they not get more accurate information about what was happening from Danish and Norwegian media than their own? Should this not have been an offsetting influence, or has that effect really only started to kick in with the internet?

Can some Swedes or Scandinavians confirm that this information about Swedish media ownership is accurate?


Robert Jammesohn said...

No problem. I'll give the Leftist turds my home address and invite them over for a beating.

Anonymous said...

The problem with leftist turds is that they get off on beatings, and want to suffer just like the mini Jesus Christs they believe they are. Martyr status is the hugest aphrodisiac for these sick fucks. Their fetish belongs in a BDSM club, not the international stage.

If media ownership mattered so much, anti-semitism/zionism/whatever would not be such an issue still. Leftists are loyal to only that, nothing else, their agenda is certainly not conducive to the safety and well being of the average Jewish person, quite the opposite.


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps the authorities in Iran, for example, have data like this from Israeli media sites and might use it to find out who is behind the comments."

Notice that he is concerned how this technology will hurt Israel and Jews. He likes how it will hurt the Germanic Swedish people though. Doesn't give a damn that they are using it to attack Germanic Swedish people. They can't even wait to push their pro Jewish propaganda.

Roni said...

I have just read on Wikipedia that the number of Jews in Sweden is estimated on 20.000. Many of them are children of intermarriage (very high number in Sweden) who have often no mental ties to Judaism or Israel. Only 7000 Jews are members of a Jewish congregation. My question is : how can such a tiny minority group control the media of a nation of nine million people? It does not make any sense.
The owners of the newspaper groups have no Jewish names. Bonnier is a French name, Schibsted and Hjörne and Stampen are Swedish names. The Jewish community in Sweden is too young to bear Swedish names who are typical Jewish. JP Morgan has nothing to do with Jews apart from using the same WC on a visit in The Ritz, or Waldorf Astoria. Third question: Is the weblog ‘Destroy Zionism” not a weblog that is related to Arab petro-dollars? The same source that finance weblogs like the Islamic True Religion and Al Quida related organizations? Otherwise who will spend so much efforts and energy to be interested in a movement that claims a tiny peace of land somewhere in the Middle East. A country that is even smaller than the Netherlands? Arabs have a great fantasy. They are even able to relate a tribe of Amazonas Indians or Eskimo’s to the Jews.

@Anonymous 12 December 21.20 The problem of leftists is: they got too used to their top position and power in Western & Northern European countries. They are able to feed us with lies and disinformation, getting stinking rich by their sleazy tricks with tax money that flow into their pockets etc. Not to forget the money they cash by lobby contacts with OPEC countries (Saudi-Arabia, the Emirates etc.). The god of the Muslims is Allah the god of the leftists and other political-correct Mob is MONEY.

Anonymous said...

The simple truth is that most Jews are not religious at all. The great majority of atheist Jews are the very liberal Lefties that we AND conservative Jews have all the problems with. Still, Jews are not monolithic. Jews in Israel ate more conservative than Jews in the West. The Talmud is rabbi-derived commentary, not holy scripture. There is no Jewish conspiracy to destroy the West and so on.

Jews typically place a high value on education which explains their dominance in certain professions - lawyers, professors, etc etc. Jews also dominate in the media and the motion picture industry (always have). This lot of Jews are the most vile atheists imaginable. They ptomote miscegenation and other forms of filth in their movies. These I cannot stand!

Lots of nutjob websites out there that have Jews all working together planning the demise of the West. Stay clear of these tor your own sanity.

Anonymous said...

@ roni, not trying to be insulting whatsoever, but it does seem like if someone can convince the left they are a martyr/victim they become an insta-celebrity. There are too many examples to list, most recently Mandela.

Possibly, it is just a coincidence that this mentality descended from a culture whose #1 icon is idolized for his suffering. I am not a religious expert and am not stating 100% that this is the case, but no one has offered an alternate explanation.

Anonymous said...

Roni 00:43 "The owners of the newspaper groups have no Jewish names". So what? Many, many Jews have changed their names by government deed poll or by marriage. The owners of the media openly admit to being Jewish and supporting Jewish causes. Where is the proof for your claim that Arab petro dollars support ?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the premier Jewish cause is ensuring Jews get beaten up and raped at every opportunity.

Roni said...

@Anonymous 13 December 02.23
I fully understand your statement and I am not about to reject any word of it. People who’s mentality descends from a culture whose icon is idolizing suffering and still supporting cultural relativism and political-correct policy are doing wrong. It is not only a shame, IT IS A CRIME!. We all have in common one thing; we live only one life. I don’t know how many people, who comment here, had ever lived in a multicultural mixed neighbourhood. I can assure you it is hell. The indigenous Dutch who live in neighbourhoods like the Amsterdam ‘Bos en Lommer’ or ‘Diamantbuurt’, the indigenous Danes of Copenhagen Nørrebro or the Swedes of Malmö Rosengård are second rate tax paying citizens WITH NO CIVIL RIGHTS rights (in their own country). They are not even entitled to police protection. I know it from my own experience. I have lived in such a neighbourhood and gone the whole route. Non of the Gutmenschen came to aid me and my children; the way they are not helping other people in the same situation. We were the only whites in the block and: it was our own fault!!!. I agree with you that people who are supporting such a policy against others are ‘psycho’s.

Anonymous said...

My own awakening began when an Iranian mistook me for a nice girl from the old country. Let's just say I didn't get any police protection either. Bad things happen to those who don't face facts, it is practically a natural law. People can cry about the Jewish owned media not reporting on it, and I would love to bitch slap them all, but it doesn't take a newspaper article to see what is happening with your own eyes.

DIREITA said...

Cheradenine Zakalwe

Roni said...

@Anonymous 13 December 02.57
True that many Jews have no typical Jewish family names. Do you mean the owners of the media in Sweden are Jews? If they are, why they are giving in their newspapers a platform to their own sworn enemies? It doesn’t make any sense.
You are asking a proof for my claim that Arab petro dollars support In the world are lot of conflict area’s and oppressed nations. For example: the area called West Sahara which is occupied by Morocco. In former days is was the Spanish colony of Rio de Oro. Underground movement Polisario is fighting there for many years in order to free the region. No leftists organisation is supporting them. As long as it doesn’t concern the Palestinians, the leftists show ruthless indifferent to every unjust in the world: from occupied Tibet or the Indian tribes of the Amazonas. What makes the Palestinians different? Where money talks, bullshit walks. SOMEBODY IS PAYING FOR THEM. The Somebody are the Arabic oil countries. Arab PR is paved with dollars. Khadaffi had spent lot of money to get his influence in top universities in Britain and the US. The oil sheikhs are promoting Islam in Europe and the Palestinians cause by lobby work that pays hard dollars. Zionism is not a big deal. Why should someone in the west be interested in a meaningless conflict in the Middle if it is not for the MONEY?

Anonymous said...

Media ownership matters a great deal , the mass media is still the principal means of controlling thought. The media is supposed to disseminate news without taint or bias- unadorned facts. The jew controlled media is the central mechanism of of our destruction - its language is Orwellian New Speak. The semites have taken over the hen house

Roni said...

@13 December 2013, 21.51
Media ownership was in the near past a key to form our opinion and it mattered a great deal. But not anymore. Due to internet no media can control us anymore. The evident is the weblog where you and me are commenting on right now. No Jew can control the German “Politically Incorrect”, Lars Hedegaard and his “Danish Society for Free Speech”, “Fjordman” or “Dagelijkse Standaard”.
Your judgement is absolutely right, that Semites (from the desert) have taken over the House. Moreover, they are holding the whole western world in it’s balls. Together with their multicultural friends they are right now doing their best to take over. The political-correct Quislings are very well paid (under the table) for the job of opening the gates to tsunami waves from the desert and the jungle. In the name of Cultural Relativism they are working hard to ruin the nation states in order to erect in Europe dictatorship USSSR style where the Orwellian World will rule.

Anonymous said...

White Advocate
Roni is in denial. l don't care if satan himself publishes these lists - we need to get at the facts. People like Roni don't want us having access to facts - facts are often inconvenient, they can interfere with the ruling elites agenda. They can make the rulers look bad, that isn't a good or desirable outcome as far as our rulers are concerned. l'm beginning to think the only reason we have 'democracy' is so that we can be enslaved and destroyed.
More than 50% of directors are you know whos
Many of those who don't belong to the tribe are married to tribe members.
The rest may as well belong to the tribe
l am absolutely certain the situation in the US a mirror image of the situation in Europe and Australia and Canada. Heck the prime minister of New Zealand is one of them and he manages to tick quite a few boxes - ie ex Merrill Lynch and ex US Federal Reserve committee member.

Anonymous said...
if you think that someone is mistakenly listed you can email Adam at the site and he will correct the entry, likewise if someone has been overlooked he will add them to the appropriate category

Adderat said...

Your information about the swedish media monopoly is absolutely correct.

Kind regards from

Roni said...

@Anonymous 14 December 2013.
Roni has no reason to be in denial. You mention in your comment: “we need to get at the facts”. What the hell do you know about FACTS? I am afraid Roni knows more on ‘Facts’ than most of the commentators here on the blog. Not because she is smart. Unfortunately she had experienced what does it mean living next door to the ‘enriching’ Third World. She had seen how the neighbourhood she had lived in, had changed in short time from a Dutch neighbourhood into a Third World jungle of Muslims and Africans. Many Dutch families could move away in time. The ones who were less lucky (like Roni) had to deal with North African and African criminal gangs who had taken over. The political correct Gutmenschen in the municipality (with lots of non western immigrants among them) did not care much for the people left behind. Complaining meant racism. Dutch indigenous are never right!. They are racist Tokkies (a Dutch TV comedy on low class asocial family). They cannot adapt themselves to the new comers and they have to be punished and re-educated. Indeed on the long run everyone is becoming a racist!!. Why the hell should Roni mind the agenda of the elites? Did they mind the terrible time she and her children had gone through? If the 50% of the directors are doing their best to play the modern roll of Marie Antoinette, it is their own business. The should find out that the ‘Sans Culottes' will wait for them on the corner.

Samir S. Halabi said...

What collaboration are you talking about between the Jews and the Muslims?
The Muslims have attacked, abused desecrated synagogues and Jewish Cemeteries etc. Your stinking Ilmar Reepalu the ex-mayor of Malmo who should have been shot for siding with the Muslims against the Swedish Jews, telling the Jews not to have any sympathy for Israel, telling them to march with those scum against Israel telling the Jews that they can avoid being beaten up by Muslims by not wearing any identifying Jewish clothing or jewellery. That was his advice to Swedish Jewry, may he rot in hell with all other jew-hating scum.

Anonymous said...

Once again it's time to confiscate all the jews' ill-gotten wealth and place them in concentration camps for deportation.


Jews Are The Main Pushers Of Homosexual Activity.

Jews Brought In Multiple Creeds via Their Open Immigration Law of 1965.

Jews Offshore US Jobs via Jewish Wall Street.

Jews Have Accelerated Inflation via The Federal Reserve.

Jews Have Created a Jewish Police State via Homeland Security.

Jews Form Public Opinion via TOTAL Ownership of the Main Stream Media.

Jews Blackball Christian Groups via Homeland Security.

Jews Litigate Against Christian Symbols in the Public Square.

Jews celebrate Passover In The White House But Forbid Easter Services.

Jews Control Capitol Hill via AIPAC, ADL, and Sheldon Adelson.

Jews Manipulate Elections via Money & Media.

Jews Corrupt The Youth via Jew-owned Hollywood and the Music Industry.

THIS IS ONLY the tip of the iceberg of the Jewish ruination of America. Where
are the leaders of yesteryear? Men like Robert E Lee, William Howard Taft,
and Louis Thomas McFadden will never be seen again. Now we’re stuck with
Jews, queers, and incompetent women.

Wake up America! Jews have destroyed your country!

(I like to screenprint my comments so I can show the world how girlish the jews/communists are in peevishly removing The Truth about themselves.)

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