Friday, 27 December 2013
"Shanty towns spreading in Stockholm. Around Stockholm there are small shack villages populated by poor European migrants. Social agencies estimate that there are now a total of some 30 active settlements in the capital. ...
Using plywood, plastic, inflatable boats and building materials some 20 shed-like buildings have been set up at Högdalen in southern Stockholm. ... several of the homes have fireplaces and simple insulation. A type of home that you might associate only with a shanty town in Africa."
Source: SVD 


Anonymous said...

Savages playing football (Extremely graphic)

How and when, does savage behaviour change when they migrate from Savagestan to a city near you?
Chopped off heads used as..footballs

CRUSADER said...

What a tragedy.. a beautiful Swedish city turned into a third word rubbish tip, populated by brainwashed followers of a 7th century murderous Arab paedophile!

To the scum who allowed this to happen.. I hope you are happy with your experiment!

Anonymous said...

..associate only with a shanty town in Africa? Try England:

Anonymous said...

I've been to Stockholm numerous times, and I've never met more brain dead, moronic, suicidal multi culturalist fools. That they even have a country in the first place is beyond me. Muslims and other assorted immigrants have picked the perfect marks to steal a country from.

Bye Bye Sweden - it's over.

Dr Bazooka said...

Ok, Sweden really wants to become the most rotten European State. Nevertheless, you can be sure that France will fight to keep its honorific title.
Enhanced efforts are required, dear Vikings. According to Le Monde, there are 400 slums in my country.
And obviously, next year, we'll do worse.

This week, a court has forced the French State to provide housing to 17 families of invaders.
It should become a jurisprudence, which would potentially benefit to EVERY homeless.

Welcome, Romas kleptomaniacs ! polygamous Mahomedans ! Everything is free (for you).

Anonymous said...

- Radical islamists behind Linje 17 massive Kärrfors hate manifestation in Stockholm last weekend

- MENA-dominated Black Cobra vs Romano gang in drug war spreading terror in the city of Örebro
"Worst war ever in the city", according to local police

Anonymous said...

@Dr Bazooka
"This week, a court has forced the French State to provide housing to 17 families of invaders."

We are seeing this all over Europe now. What is going on is a genocide on us without our knowing it. We are not supposed to know. It is all too way beyond imagination to comprehend for most of us. So we keep working to pay - taxes - to facilitate our own genocide.

- For how much longer..???

Anonymous said...

Arabic Socialist Democrats of Sweden

In Uppsala, the city where Scandinavia's first university was founded in 1477, Rachid Alhajeh thought it was time to establish a political party where foreigners who are not too familiar with Swedish culture and language, could work to change Sweden in accordance with their common Arabic ideas.

Furthermore, in 1893 Alfred Nobel was awarded an honorary doctorate at Uppsala University, which goes to prove its importance culturally and historically.

One of Alhajeh's FB-likes is the group "Sweden Democrats out of Parliament 2014", "Sverigedemokraterna ut ur riksdagen 2014″

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