Saturday, 21 December 2013

Regular readers will recall the recent incident in Sweden in which a Somali was caught raping a dead woman. (See posts here and here.) Contrary to expectations, the Swedish court decided to deport him, although apparently he'll be allowed to return after 10 years!
First of all prosecutor Daniel Jonsson did not want to insist on the deportation of the 34-year-old Somali Abdi Hakim Ali, who had raped a dying woman in the garage of the Sheraton hotel in Stockholm. But after Friatider articles about the incident, the 34-year-old has now been deported anyway.

Hakim Ali was sentenced to five years in prison for rape, theft, aggravated theft, attempted theft, shoplifting and violation of knife law. He was acquitted, however of violating the peace of the grave, with which he was also charged, as it is impossible to determine exactly when the woman he raped died.

The district court also decided to deport Hakim Ali, who is forbidden to return to Sweden in the next ten years.
Source: Friatider


Anonymous said...

The somali animal wont be deported cause of his human rights to a family life in Sweeden.....

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