Friday, 6 December 2013

Swedish police are alarmed about the growth of gang rapes among adolescents, some of them filmed or photographed, as a trial opens in Stockholm today. Three adolescents are accused of having raped a young girl, whose age has not been revealed, in a wood in the capital city.

The number of similar cases worries the inspector of police Moni Winsens. "It involves very young adolescents. They are 14, 15. One girl was only 12. It happens in front of their friends, who may even film it and take photos" with their mobile phones, she said. According to the policewoman, "the girl doesn't dare to say no" and can then be blackmailed by her attackers who threaten to disseminate the images.

Since the beginning of the year, Stockholm has seen almost 1,600 cases of sexual attacks involving minors, compared to 1,301 in 2012. The Swedish courts have judged 466 cases with a victim of between 15 and 17 in 2012, almost twice that of the previous year.
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Roni said...

All the incidents in Europe: from the Allahu Akbar shit in the Augsburg churches to the mass rape in Sweden etc. are pointing in one direction. The perpetrators are working all together. In every country they choose a different way to hurt, offend and deliberately bring damage to the host country. Think about the murderers of Lee Rigby words: "Allah does not like any drop more than the drop of blood shed in his way", "Martyrdom means transfusion of blood into society" and "That is why Islam is always in need of martyrs. The revival of courage and zeal is essential for the revival of a nation." The message is crystal clear. The enemy does not conceal it’s plans toward the idiots who are still harbouring him in their country, the way Adolf Hitler had never made a secret of his planes for Europe. However the different is : Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime were a number too big for Europe. The Wehrmacht had come along and had crashed the armies of his opponents one by one (except of the British). In our time dealing with the enemy is wholly different. After dealing with the multiculturalists at the top of every country and the EU, will make the rest of the war against the Islamic enemy in Europe a matter of formality.

hoosier said...

The solution to this is simple: get rid of all the third world immigrants and their dark-skinned descendants who've come to the country in the last 50 years. I think the Party of the Swedes are the only ones who fully understand this.

Anonymous said...

Blatant media manipulation in France exposed

Anonymous said...

A brilliant act by the readers of the Telegraph; since all comments on Mandela were censored, everyone, it seems, read this article so that it appeared in the top ten most read list.

Let's see the bastards censor that excellent display of rebellion!

Anonymous said...

just terrible. just terrible, why aren't these bleeding hearts going to bat for them? sweden is a small country. how many of them are related to these left wing extremist? shocking how people are willing to look the other way just so they can puff up there chest and say something left wing and self rightous at the expense of other people?

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