Saturday, 7 December 2013
There will be no traditional Advent celebration in the church for the kids this year, several schools around the country have decided.

...Långareds school is one of the schools that will no longer allow their students to go to church during Advent.
"The tradition is not consistent with the Education Act," says Cecilia Knutsson, who is director of child and youth services, to Alingsås newspaper.

In Tranas, all kindergartens have declined the church's invitation to this year's Advent collection.
Source: Friatider


Roni said...

Thilo Sarrazin named his boek "Deutschalnd schaft sich ab". He had chosen a wrong name. It had to be "Schweden schaft sich ab". A whole nation that decides to commit suicide in order to be fair with their enemies.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Speaking as a Swedish expatriate I can say that Sweden is at the forefront of this suicide pact. It will have have a domino effect, as governments seem to be competing as to who is the most pc. However, people do deserve the government they elect.

CRUSADER said...

surrendered without a shot being fired.. I hope you are wrong about the domino effect!

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