Monday, 2 December 2013
I am an integration supervisor at an accommodation for unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people (those who are usually called unaccompanied refugee children), and for young people who may have a permanent residence permit. Some of my colleagues and I had a discussion about them and one of those experiences we shared was that "the kids" have become older and older over the many years we have been doing this work. On paper, they have always been 14-18, so that's not what we mean. We mean their real age.

When I started doing this work in the mid-2000s, it was no more than a quarter of whom we really thought that their age could be questioned, just with a quick glance. Today however it is a majority of "kids" who are obviously over 18 years. The talk in my industry and the places I have contact with in the service, is that those who are under 18 years are among the exceptions.

The instructions to the staff who work with these clients is that we will explain to them that the legal framework for children is what applies because they claimed to be underage. It can, for example, mean you have to be home at a certain time in the evening. However, as staff, for practical reasons, we ought not to treat them as children / teenagers when we communicate, because it simply becomes provocative for a 20-30-year-old to be treated like a child. There may be conflicts that we should avoid.

"30-year-old?" you are thinking as you read this. Yes, there are several cases in my memory where we have seen that the asylum seeker has been closer to 40 and the other residents also indicated this to the staff... In all cases but one, the people who have been around twice as old as they claim to be, still got to stay there for over six months despite this. HVB homes are terrified of losing both revenue as well as the confidence of the bien-pensants, etc. Therefore they remain silent.

By now there have been a number of guys who on paper were 16 years old, who have come to me for help with buying agents at the pharmacy to counteract their age-related hair loss.

...Another consequence is that the few that are really minor - let's say 25% to count really high - are forced to live with opportunistic adults who are deceptive about their age and identity. Perhaps in the same category as those the actual children fled!

A third consequence is that the balance of power at the accommodation becomes as one can imagine with this age demographic. The few who actually are kids kept on the carpet, silenced, receive instructions and orders that we, the staff can not possibly do anything about.
Source: Meritwager Via: Friatider


Anonymous said...

As much as you dislike them I want to post this so that at least it's seen that although Jews need to own up we should not disregard the contributions made even by the biased.

Anonymous said...

I want things to be fair, 'bias' doesn't count for those that support islam

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I don't dislike them. My approach to resisting Islam is inclusive of those I don't entirely agree with. Theirs, however, is not. They both removed their links to this site after I started to make evidence-based posts pointing out the Jewish role in facilitating the spread of Islam. For them, being uncritically pro-Jewish clearly matters more than being anti-Islam.

Anonymous said...

These Swedish workers are morons to go along with this. Looking at someone 30-40 straight away you can tell they are not a child. Multiculturalism is not just wrong it is completely idiotic.

Roni said...

@Anonymous 3 December 03.44
Not the Swedish workers are morons, but their policy makers. By the way, the Swedes are not the sole inhabitants of ‘Moron-land’. The whole bunch of western& northern Europe are members of the club. In the Dutch houses of the “AMA-kinderen” (sole minor refugees) are ‘minors’ who are on paper 16 years old. ‘Minor boys’ who need a shave every day and look they are at least 27 or 28 years old. Many of those ‘minor refugees’ are a total fake.
Their parents are sending them (especially from African countries) as ‘refugees’ so they can study on costs of the host and later on, perhaps, help to import the whole family to Europe. There are ‘refugees’ who grant themselves 10 years or more on their real age: so they will be able to retire 10 or even 15 years earlier. In my old neighbourhood, I had neighbours, ‘refugees’ from Africa, who used to have (maybe still have) every time ‘children’ in different formations and each time in different ages. He and his wife had cashed for them by the social benefit. Other incomes had the ‘refugees family’ from criminal activities by the local non-western gangs. Multiculturalism is a death trap for every country that has to deal with it.

Dr Bazooka said...

(I don't know if it is a good idea, but this could be interesting, as many of us seem to be from different countries.)

Today, have been published the results of the last PISA survey.
In France, after the huge fall of 2009, the figures are very average and remain steady.
But what is new is that the journalists finally recognize the responsibility of immigration in our decline.

(I also noticed that Finland has lost ten places !… Why ?)

What about the cultural enrichment in your country ?

For France :
In mathematics, 43% of pupils from an immigrant background are very, very weak.

Even after correction of socio-economic disparities, these children are 37 points lower than the native students (which is almost a year late).

Roni said...

@Dr. Bazooka.
Thank you very much for your contribution on the PISA survey. Today I was looking for it; and could not find the link. CHAPEAU.
The leven of education is dragged down in whole Europe. The authorities are so busy with immigrant, refugees and now also children who are coming from eastern Europe (are in general much smarter than the non westerns) that they have no time for the indigenous own children. As I had said before multiculturalism is a death trap.

Dr Bazooka said...

Thanks Roni,
But I had no merit. For once, the French journalists did the job.
(They now admit what they censored during years.)

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