Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A new study into religious fundamentalism has just been published in Berlin. 9000 people of a Turkish or Moroccan background in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Sweden were studied. They were compared to a indigenous control group of Christians. The same questions were asked, substituting the name of the religion in each case. As you can see, 65% of the Muslims said religious laws were more important than secular laws. 75% said there was only one possible interpretation of the Koran that was binding on all Muslims. 

The study includes Alevites, counting them as Muslims. Their support for fundamentalism was far lower, so they actually make the overall figures seem less extreme than they would otherwise be.  

Question 1: "[Need to] return to the roots [of Islam]
Question 2: "Only one true interpretation [of Islam] that is binding"
Question 3: "Religious laws are more important than secular laws"
Question 4: "Agree with all three statements"

Question 1: "Want no homosexual friends"
Question 2: "Jews can't be trusted"
Question 3: "West out to destroy Muslims"
Question 4: "Agree with all three statements"

Source Via: PI


Roni said...

In the Netherlands (and perhaps in other European countries) are large groups of fundamentalist Protestant Christians as the “Black stocking church”, (or “article 31”), Gereformeerde Kerk (super orthodox Protestants) etc.. However, the way orthodox Muslims see their religion is different from the way orthodox Protestants do. The orthodox Protestants have firm rules within their community, but they are demanding anything from people who do not belong to their group. They only express their objection to questions as abortion, euthanasia etc. They do it, via democratic way, by their political parties. The Muslims are very hostile toward people or groups who do not share their religious values; even if they are living in an European country. For example, I’ll bring here an example. My son went to buy a Christmas tree (in the Netherlands they start selling them very early). On his way home with the tree the Muslims, who had passed by, had looked at him and others with a Christmas tree in a very hostile way. You could see the hatred in their eyes. The Dutch do not need a study to know that Muslims regard their religious laws as more important than the laws of the country they are living in.

Anonymous said...

I have never met a Christian demanding I follow the laws of Christ in the Netherlands, they shouldn't try either. Lol. Muslims always do so in the Netherlands. Long live Geert Wilders. Voting for as sooon as I get the chance. Current government is a joke. Thinking muslim youth thinks as dut h youth. Had a boy in my class third generation, born and raised in holland, could hardly speak or understand the Dutch language, he was 16 years old. Wtf!

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