Monday, 23 December 2013
While the Danish Socialist Government opens the borders to a record amount of asylum seekers and there is a need to cut down on welfare, the number of women applying for jobs in porn has increased tenfold.
"Usually there are a few women who contact H. Roland and his company (Porn Life) each month, but the last four weeks, he has received a full 24 queries. The applications are from women in need ...
It's a panicky fear of losing their homes and their land, that makes many women enter the porn industry.
'- The new cuts in social welfare that will take effect from 2014 affect thousands of young Danes. An amazing number of young girls, especially those with boyfriends, will lose their income and it is especially girls from this group that contact us these days to earn extra money for their, already poor, households."
Source: EB

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- Nicolai


Anonymous said...

The leftists are probably very happy to see our wealth redistributed

CRUSADER said...

Well, that sounds fair! Degrading themselves out of need, benefits cut back, then forfeit on the mortgage..

As long as a ''poor, shell shocked muslim immigrant'' gets their house and a handsome handout from the government, everything will be ok!

Isn't multiculturalism great!! Hooray!!

Anonymous said...

wow, just wow. liberals

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for May, 2014 when the European leftists get what's coming to them.

Roni said...

@24 December 2013 01.20
My Dear, May 2014 will bring nothing. The leftists will get what’s coming to them? So what? It does not matter who win the EP elections. All the people who are candidates for the European Parliament belong to the same one big garbage heap: leftists, liberals, far right or far left. It doesn’t matter. They are like dung beetles who are making their living on the shit they collect for their own particular needs. Non of the candidates who are going to Strasbourg or Brussels really wants the EU change or fall. To much personal perspectives and too much money are at stack. We, the idiot voters from the out side do not interest them at all. The EU might fall …when they are retired and there is no job left over for them.

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