Monday, 2 December 2013
Eating Santa Claus' best friend:

"For the first time reindeer are being halal slaughtered in Norway. Most of the meat will probably be sold in Oslo, but some of the meat can end up in Dubai. ...

'This is a completely new halal product that Muslims have not had access to before. I have been told that the meat is very good, but I have never tasted it myself,' said general secretary Mehtab Afsar from Islamic Council Norway"

Source: VG (


bernard said...

I like when muslim only have rat for food. Thay shud only have rat. Maybe porces too.

Anonymous said...

Halal is the most barbaric and inhumane form of animal slaughter around! Why should animals suffer extreme terror and pain just to satisfy the blood lust of muslims?

And what about other religions that forbid the eating of Halal food, like Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists etc? Are their beliefs just being ignored to cater for the muslim minority (as seems par for the course in the West)?

Halal must be outlawed, not be encouraged to spread. I ask all readers next time you are in a restaurant, take away cafe etc and you plan on buying a meat product ask where it came from and how it was slaughtered. A good restaurant for example will know the source of their meat. If they sell Halal do as I do and walk out. They will soon learn the cost to their business if lots of people do this. The same is also true of supermarkets. Don't use them! Find a local trustworthy butcher and buy their meat instead.

Poland has recently outlawed Halal slaughter on the grounds of cruelty - why can't the rest of the EU follow suit I wonder? Or will they cave in to pressure frrom Brussels to protect the 'sensitive' muslims as per usual!

Islamic Sharia Law said...

Halal Food is always tasty and delicious than other, and if you talk about terro or pain to animals than I strongly believe that, if you could ask any animal about it. It could be explain better than me.

jipco saudi said...

Islam, a true faith of peace and humanity, unfortunately is now being careful a root reason behind undemocratic practices prevailing in Islamic states. Muslm Sharia Law

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