Friday, 20 December 2013
Former member of the High Council on Integration, does Khalil Hamdani represent this "official line" that, according to several researchers who were excluded from the deliberation process, Matignon [tn: French Prime Minister's office] wants to impose? In an op-ed published by Mediapart in 2011, this sociologist wondered how "we can continue to accept without reaction that the bells [of a cathedral] ring every Sunday without anything being done to stop this ostentatious acoustic intrusion of religion into the public space".
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Khalil Hamdani is Moroccan.


Bernard said...

Est-ce que ce salaud pense que nous aimons écouter musulmans hurlent leur appel à la prière?

Bernard said...

Look on his face. Does he look French? He looks like a moslem who just has eaten a rat. Maybe he thinks we want to hear moslem howling the call to prayer instead?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Silver bells, silver bells
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing
Soon it will be Christmas day

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the segregation pushers - aka "integration" - in France are mainly North Africans, with French passports.

But here is something quite surprising

Christ statue to be erected in Nazareth, taller than the one in Rio de Janeiro

DIREITA said...

21 December 2013 01:31
you have a problem with segregation?!

you prefer the Arabs to integrate with French women?

Anonymous said...

They attack our identity - the things that define us and make us different, if they can destroy these cultural and racial markers then we are destroyed - they know this. We must reattach ourselves - recommitt ourselves to everything that defines our white European identity. Identity is the key - it is our shield and our strength.

Anonymous said...

Yule goat (bock) burnt down again

Traditional Swedish pre-Christian symbol was vandalized the other night. Several masked people were seen running away from the julbock, before it was burning down, according to Gävle police.

Don't they like European culture and traditions?

Anonymous said...

"you prefer the Arabs to integrate with French women?"

- No.

Rather not have the need to segregate in the first place. Let Arabs free to (re)settle in their deserts. No more destruction of the civilized world!

And while we're at it, let them give back all the lands that they took from the civilized world, since the fifth century. Syria, for one.

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it, let them give back all the lands that they took from the civilized world, since the sixth century. Syria, for one.

Siege of Damascus (634)

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Re: Yule goat

Burning this goat seems to be an informal Swedish tradition that has been going on for a while, long before the Muslims arrived. Any actual evidence of a Mohammedan factor in this?

Anonymous said...

Your own house is not yours
when we decide we need it for worthy accommodation for better people

This is what the Swedes are having to face any time the government so decides in times of mass invation. “Massflykt till Sverige av asyl- och hjälpsökande” (SOU 1993:89)

Many Swedes have worked and saved for their own little country cottage, stuga, hide-away. Many may not even know what their governments have planned for, including "requisition" - confiscation - of their fully paid for and owned house.

The SOU 1993:89 (State's Official Report) states that the inventory of the house may be removed if required to meet with the new inhabitants' requirements, without the owner's consent, and for an unlimited time (Paragraph 21)

How utterly communist! Going to Polish literature, you will find this same way of thinking, and how it used to be in real life Eastern countries. Swedish politicians have just copied the idea, it seems. It also looks much like how a conqueror would take ownership over local properties in the invaded land.

Considering the ongoing immigration from Syria, in particular, this way of confiscating Swedish property may seem more real than anyone would like to think of.

Anonymous said...

Turn off the loudspeakers at your mosques. They are the REAL NUISANCE!!!

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