Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hague Jihad por V1683
On Boxing Day, jihadists posted a video on YouTube in which they swear allegiance to Isis, Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. The demonstration took place in Oranjestraat and Parkstraat in the Center of The Hague. The original thrust of the protest was to stand up for Muslim prisoners who said they were arrested because of their faith. The video was posted for a short time and than removed. Journalist Harald Doornbos says on Twitter that the video was titled: “Followers of ISIS in the Netherlands”. According to Doornbos the video had the message "From the heart of the West in our Sheikh Abu Bakr Holland. We sacrifice our souls, sons and money for you. A banner in English read "democracy = hypocrisy', or democracy is hypocritical.“

The video below was put on the internet on Thursday.


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