Wednesday, 4 December 2013
"We have more immigrants, so we do worse internationally than Finland or Korea", says Josef Kraus, President of the German Teachers Association, about the new PISA study. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

In the latest PISA study, Germany has improved a bit. In international comparisons, however, its pupils are still far from the top. There are many reasons for this. But according to Josef Kraus, President of the German Teachers Association, the "high proportion of immigrants in Germany's schools". Based on information from the Federal Statistics Office, the proportion of foreign children in Germant schools in 2012 was on average 7.7 per cent - significantly higher in urban areas. "Finland has two per cent immigrants on average," says Josef Kraus. Studies show that immigrants do significantly worse than children from a non-immigrant background. "That explains why we're not at the level of Finland or Korea," Kraus states to FOCUS Online.

Children from EU countries have no performance problems or even children from East Asia, for example Vietnam, according to Kraus. "Only Italian children are significantly worse than all other pupils with an EU background," he says. "The biggest problems, however, are with children from Turkey, the Arab lands and the former Yugoslavia." For that reason, urban areas, in particular, with a high proportion of foreigners, like Berlin, North-Rhine Westphalia or also the city states Hamburg and Bremen do significantly worse than Bavaria or Thuringia. And these areas then drag Germany down in international comparisons.
Source: Focus

It's rare to see a mainstream public figure discuss the issue so openly.

See Muslims drag down French educational performance.

Also see a related story in Sweden.
Swedish pupils' poor results in the latest global Pisa education ranking, released on Tuesday, has pushed Sweden below the OECD average in maths, reading comprehension, and natural sciences.

No other country has fallen so abruptly as Sweden in maths over a ten-year span.
Overall, not one of the other 32 countries included in the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) survey has seen its students take such a beating in their studies.

"The bleak picture has become bleaker with the Pisa review that was presented today," Anna Ekström, head of Sweden's National Education Agency (Skolverket), said after she became privy to the results. She had hoped for Sweden to finally buck the trend and stop declining in the ranking.

Sweden's schools now rank below both the United States and the UK according to the Pisa rankings.

Top of the list this year was Shanghai, whose students placed highest across all three areas. The four Asian Tigers - Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taipei - were not far behind, with regional neighbours Macao and Japan also performing well.

Across the surveyed countries, the average score in maths was 494 points this year. Hong Kong, for example, reached 613 points. Sweden's neighour Finland, meanwhile scored 519. In contrast, Swedish 15-year-olds scraped together a mere 478 points, a drop down from a score of 500 points in the last Pisa survey. Back in 2003, the Swedish students scored 510, which meant the drop to today's result testified to Sweden crashing down the points scale in maths over the past ten years.

The Pisa test also looks at reading comprehension. This year, the OECD average came out at 496. The Swedish teens were not far off with 483 points, but the result looked less perky when compared to the score of 516 the Swedes mustered back in the year 2000.

Shanghai scored top honor with 570 points. In Europe, the best performers were the Finns with 524 points, but also they slid in the rankings somewhat. Denmark, Norway, Estonia, and Latvia all outperformed Sweden, while Iceland came in at the same level.

In the natural sciences, finally, the OECD average was calculated at 501 points this wear, with Swedish teens scoring 485.

The Pisa report prompted scathing criticism from the Swedish Teachers’ Union (Lärarförbundet).

"We're losing ground on all fronts and find ourselves in a very precarious position," union head Eva-Lis Sirén said in a statement, adding that Sweden's results had "sunk like a stone".

"We're losing not only those who are having a hard time, but also high-performing students."

Sirén accused politicians of pulling Sweden in the wrong direction when it comes to education policy, arguing increasing differences between Swedish schools is to blame.

"A lack of equality is the price Sweden has had to pay as a result of free school choice. That's a price we can never accept," she said.
Source: The Local

It being Sweden, of course, there is no honest discussion of the source of the problem.


Dr Bazooka said...

There's only one admissible explanation for all this : Turkish and Arabs pupils have heavily suffered under the German colonization of their lands ; whereas the Vietnamese come from a country that has never been colonized and has always been in peace.

All skeptics are dangerous deviants full of hatred, who should be jailed ASAP.

Anonymous said...

So, kick out the immigrants from Arab, Turkey and other Islamic countries and replace with immigrants from Vietnam, China and other East Asian countries.
Are the Europe governments doing racism against the East Asians?

Anonymous said...

Islam is a horrible incurable disease and muslims are its nfected savage carriers. Both have to be annihilated from the face of our beautiful earth. These savage animals are fi only for the caves. How can these rabid animals deserve to live in the beautiful n advanced countries built n created by the sweat, blood, inventions. Intelligence, goodness and foresightedness of the whites ! These countries are 'Paradises'. The muslims n blacks are dumbfounded, dumbstruck n overawed when they first set their eyes on these magnificent, breathtaking, marvellous cities n countries built by the whites !

Roni said...

It is not only the problem of France and Germany. The educational system is making a free fall in every West & North European country that is harbouring a great number of migrants and asylum seekers. The multicultural Gutmenschen are doing their best to forget the problem that will lead to a disaster in the near future. Good educational system guarantee the economical and strength of a nation by delivering scientists, engineers and economists etc. The drag down in the PISA results means for a country like the Netherlands less engineers and technical personal to maintain the dikes in good shape. In a weak educational systems no Niels Bohr’s , Albert Einstein or Frederick Sanger (DNA marks 19750 are coming out. Instead it is bringing criminals, terrorists in the name of Allah, and talented rapists in the name of their black genitals

hoosier said...

"and talented rapists in the name of their black genitals" So true

Anonymous said...

Germany did not colonize Turkish and Arab lands.

Anonymous said...

Educational performance is being dragged down all over Europe, in all the countries where islamic domination with IQ imported from Africa, and islamic countries, has become part of the system

Anonymous said...

The comment:-
whereas the Vietnamese come from a country that has never been colonized and has always been in peace.
This shows that a total lack of knowledge of history , Vietnam was colonised by the Portuguese and the French and at one point French was the official language .
I wish people would get a real education before going on internet , this shows a complete failure of the education system in many countries
At present China refuses all migration , especially by Muslims , yet nothing is said about it , as usual a lack of real knowledge

Vannyboi said...

Vietnam was never colonised by the Portuguese.

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