Tuesday, 3 December 2013

France is one of the OECD countries where educational inequalities are the most marked. The 10% of pupils with the lowest performance have seen their results fall between 2003 and 2012.

...The authors of the PISA classification have been saying it for ten years. Although France maintains the level of its elite, it does not take adequate care of pupils who have difficulties. It is one of the OECD countries where educational inequalities are the most marked. And the PISA 2012 classification confirms this state of affairs, which is becoming even more aggravated in a worrying fashion. In relation to the results of 2003, there are almost as many highly performing pupils in France, but, most notably, there are many more pupils in difficulty, which implies that the system has degraded between 2003 and 2012. "The French education system is more unequal in 2012 than it was nine years previously. In France, if you belong to a disadvantaged milieu, you clearly have less chance to succeed than you did in 2003," indicates the OECD.

...But even after controlling for the socio-economic milieu in France, pupils of immigrant origin show scores 37 points lower than indigenous pupils, that is almost the equivalent of one year of study.
Source: Le Figaro H/T: Dr Bazooka

Equality cult dogma insists that "people are all the same". Therefore their success or failure in life can only be due to the circumstances or conditioning they have experienced in life. So we all have to play this absurd game of pretending that changes in educational achievement are due to failings in the educational system. In reality, of course, the failures can be attributed to the raw material that is input to the system, that is the pupils themselves. If you allow your country to be colonised by a horde of low-IQ immigrants from failed countries, you can be sure they, and their descendants who inherit their characteristics, are going to drag down all your averages, in the educational sphere, and in many others.


Anonymous said...

From their first year in school, Moslem students do not accept the authority of female teachers. This dogmatic disrespect shows in Moslems' educational attainment. Further, with cousin marriages over generations within a family, the intellectual capabilities of Moslems have withered.

Moslem children grow up to expect a life on benefits and favoured status within the country they occupy. There is little motivation to make something of themselves other than training for jihad. They are taught that the koran contains all the knowledge they need - the lazy option - while resenting those who worked proficiently at school and went on to make something of themselves in the workplace.

Dr Bazooka said...

Since the publication, it's the same propaganda, the same storytelling everywhere : it's our fault, we discriminate these poor children.
...But it is known that the Vietnamese pupils, for example, have excellent results. And they don't even come from a francophone country.

Since years, journalists are bullshitting us with some CNRS studies (a Lyssenko institute) that pretend that migrants and natives have equivalent results, whether you consider their social origins.
That it's wrong, this was already written in the PISA 2009 report. Blackout during years ! (In the online press, it was nearly impossible to quote the sensitive paragraphs of the survey without being censored.)

Politicians and journalists pretend that we have to spend more money for this (however so enriching) youth… But it's already the case (ZEP) : smallest classes, "reinforced pedagogic teams", more teachers per pupil... Very expensive. With the results you know.

The press criticizes constantly the "rotten high schools" of our suburbs. But have you ever seen them ? Often fresh constructed, luminous, with green plants. If these high schools are rotten, may we know in what ?

For our so-called elites, it’s absolutely impossible that there’s, at least, a cultural problem.

Anonymous said...

It is all about
- keeping the occupied peoples down
- while taking as much resources from us as possible

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