Monday, 2 December 2013
"Rapes, incl. severe, against men 18 years or older: 133

Rapes, incl. severe, against boys under 15 years: 243"

On top of this comes rapes against boys between 15 and 18 years...


Roni said...

Western and Northern Europe are subjected to the latest development of mass psychology called SOCIAL ENGINEERING. This new type of psychology encompass mass brainwashing and disinformation.
The everyday use in Western and Northern Europe of Social Engineering is bringing as much as possible multiculturalism on TV and movies: coloured news readers, leading rolls in movies and bringing the Third World in a positive light: even by using fiction and falsifying facts. Multiculturalists are busy to shape our opinion at their favour; even if reality had become an everlasting nightmare.
In Sweden and Norway the political-correct policy makers had achieved by Social Engineering substantial results. The population of both countries had become zombies. Reading about the rape wave in Sweden you start as a normal human being asking yourself staff like: What is more deviating from the normal: the beast-like behaviour of imported primates from the Third World, who are no apes and non human-beings or the zombie-like behaviour of the indigenous.

Anonymous said...

Sharia ceritified Rudolf
ready for Dubai tables

Norway to export reindeer to Dubai

Anonymous said...

Hello ,

Can you jast take look to this site and read :

Thank you .

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:31 is a muslim. It's a link to muslim talking points for dealing with the 'islamophobic'

Now I'm sure the person posting David Duke is a muslim as well.

Dr Bazooka said...

@ Nicolai Sennels,
I wondered whether you are the Danish psychologist or an homonym ?

Cultural enrichment in London :

Anonymous said...

All the money the Swedes pay in tax would be better spent paying the mob of their choice for protection.

Steen said...

The screenshot is from officiel swedish crime statistics


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

@Dr Bazooka

Yes, it's the Danish psychologist.

Dr Bazooka said...

Thanks !
He's famous in the "Réacosphère".

Anonymous said...

Heaven is like a gated community for the priveledged people who care.I can't see most swedes and norwegians wanting to go there.Its a good thing too.They might let anyone in.
Most of the world is like that,so its won't be crowded.

Anonymous said...

Torture, mutilate, lynch, repeat millions of times until these cowardly, ugly, utterly evil colored subhumans are in the mass graves where they belong. And hunt down and kill the jews and their treasonous, evil White poltical lackeys who have inflicted the evil of diversity upon Whites for the past forty plus years. But first, make them watch as THEIR families are tortured to death.

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