Saturday, 7 December 2013

This is complicated. The short version of it is: a Muslim "Equality and Diversity" adviser in Hollande's government had his driving licence withdrawn. He then received mysterious threatening letters which caused him to be given police protection, an official car and a chauffeur. Charlie Hebdo wrote an article about this curious coincidence, questioning whether the threats were real or just a pretext to get a free car, as some in the government were murmuring. Attacks on Charlie Hebdo, accusing it of racism and islamophobia, then started to appear in the press, especially in Algeria. These attacks were being orchestrated, and sometimes written word-for-word, by this Muslim "Equality and Diversity" adviser or his assistant.
After the publication of an investigation into Faouzi Lamdaoui, one of Hollande's advisers, Charlie Hebdo has been the target of articles in the Algerian media, accusing our magazine of the wildest wrong-doing. Articles that were being remote-controlled from ...the presidency of the Republic! Revelations.

If Hollande is sometimes accused of do-nothingism, the same accusations cannot be levelled at the Élysée's advisers. One of them, Mustapha Saha, who doesn't exist in the official organisational chart but nonetheless has an office in the presidency of the Republic, has shown himself very active in getting the Algerian media to defend his boss to the uttermost..

...Mustapha Saha commits himself to using all his talents to protect Faouzi Lamdaoui, the equality and diversity adviser, for whom he is an un official collaborator. On the same basis, he occupies an office next to Lamdaoui's, opposite the Élysée, avenue de Marigny.

...It all starts with an investigation, precise and factual, that appeared in the last Charlie Hebdo on 23 October, looking into the behaviour of Lamdaoui. The latter had been made subject to police protection, at the same time benefiting from an official car that goes with it, after having received strange letters containing threats. By pure chance, his driving licence had been withdrawn shortly before. Note, no one is allowed to write that the fortuitous appearance of threats allowed Faouzi Lamdaoui to benefit from a car and chauffeur at little expense, but nothing stops you from thinking it...

... But recounting this tale seemed to displease this good gentleman monsieur Lamdaoui. Extraordinary articles, leading the attack against Charlie Hebdo, then start to flourish in the press, particularly the Algerian press. In our mind, the friends of Lamdaoui in power in Algeria (the latter is originally from Constantine [in Algeria], and is sometimes called "Holland's Algerian") undertook to activate their networks to come to the aid of their friend, with the aid of some secret agent-style manipulations. How naive we were! We have to wait until the last few days to find out where the mastermind behind these attacks was: in France, at the summit of power. Outrageous but true...

Last week, Charlie's Hebdo editorial team got their hands on the proof. Mustapha Saha, so proud of his prose, had distributed it by email to a few friends, and we ended up getting hold of this text, delicately titled "Charlie Hebdo persists in its racist denigration".

...According to this text, Charlie has made "islamophobia its trademark and Maghrebophobia [prejudice against North Africans] its stock in trade". ... Because we dared to point out that Hollande's adviser was originally from Constantine and was reputedly close to Algeria, we are said to have portrayed him as a "native from the interior or a double agent", falling into the "gutter of xenophobia" and dressed up "the hideous mask of racism".

In brief, a load of nonsense. Except that this beautiful prose came from one of the computers in the Élysée palace, as proved by a simple search in the properties of the Word file. The name Vanessa, the secretary of Faouzi Lamdaoui, as well as the mention "Presidency", appear there in full, even if the poor woman wasn't involved.
Source: Charlie Hebdo Via:

This kind of stuff is routine in the Third World. And soon it will be routine here too.

Incidentally, it would be interesting to know the nature of the threats the Muslim supposedly received? Were they, for example, framed to make it look like they came from "islamophobes" or the "far right"?


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