Saturday, 7 December 2013
The police arrested a man who, using a high-gloss paint spray, sprayed the words "God is great, holy way" in Arabic on the St. Michael church.

Old town - On Thursday afternoon, in the middle of the pre-Christmas shopping rush, a man sprayed the entrance door of the St. Michael church in the pedestrian zone with Arabic characters. "God is great, holy war" the asylum seeker wrote with high-gloss white paint on the door of the Renaissance church.

The police arrested the man.

By chance, passers-by noticed how the man unpacked his spray tin and sprayed the church. The eye witnesses spoke to two police officers who were patrolling between the Christmas market stalls.

The police stopped the sprayer, checked his details and established that he was a 30-year-old asylum seeker from Jordan.

He not only damaged the church. He also infringed his residency obligations. The asylum home where he is accommodated is located in Unterallgäu.

According to police spokesman Damian Kania, after questioning the man, the police put him back on the train to Unterallgäu.

There were three similar acts in Augsburg in the previous week. [See here.] On Wednesday night, the gates of the cathedral, the Ulrich church and the church of Saint Moritz were sprayed with white paint. Here, too, each time, it said in Arabic characters: "Allah is great".

In Augsburg the perpetrators were able to get away. The police are looking for two men, one with a full beard. The police are now checking to see whether the asylum seeker arrested in Munich could also be responsible for these incidents or whether he belongs to a group of perpetrators.

He is being investigated for damage to property. In Munich, because of the additional phrase "holy war", the Agency for Protection of the Constitution is also involved.
Source: Abendzeitung Via: PI


Crayola Kid said...

Oh I am sure the totally brainwashed lunatics in Germany will still grant the desert rat asylum even though this is an outright symbolic action. Like a dog marking HIS territory by urinating on trees, the desert rat is doing the same with paint.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do these Arab desert people seem out of place in Europe? Like a sub-Saharan African in Sweden, they seem TOTALLY out of place, estranged, from both the territory and the native people of Europe. Its like a cat saying to a pack of dogs, "I am one of you. Let me in."

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