Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Schwanthalerhöhe - First it became known that a man had sprayed the entrance door of th St. Michael church in the pedestrian zone with Arabic characters - on Thursday in the middle of the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Now a second case has become known: as the police communicated at the weekend, St. Benedict's church in the west end was smeared with the same words: "Allah is great, holy war".

According to police spokesman Damian Kania, both cases probably involve the same perpetrator.


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Source: Abendzeitung Via: PI


Anonymous said...

Time to take ownership of own church, and take things into own hands

Everywhere in France, the oldest daughter of Catolisism - La fille ainée de l'Église - churches are in terrible shape. However, some people have taken responsibility to spend their free time to work together to restore a few of them, paintbrush in hand.

I think the time has come for each and everyone in Europe to do the same. We can no longer sit with our hands folded expecting the state to repair these ever more symbolically significant buildings in our cities and villages.

We need to be present and show the invaders that our churches are cherished and respected parts of our heritage and culture, by guarding them and never let them destroy them, or even touch them. By doing so, we also pay respect to ourselves, which may seem much needed these days.

Great French TV series about French culture and heritage

Reality Check said...

The media is in bed with Islam. They will be their bitch, their 'ho.

Christian By Name said...

maybe we should the same to them and you see how crazy they go, cause they can't take what they dish out...or maybe they should all be deported.

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