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Marine Le Pen, president of the Front national, doesn't beat about the bush. "This report is a declaration of war on the French Republic, the history of France and French culture." Denouncing the "totalitarian" methods of a government which, according to her, is "multiplying" its errors, the MEP admits she is "surprised" and thinks "even Stalin wouldn't have dared."

On the other hand, she thinks the government initiative has "the merit" of putting "the Socialist party's plan for society" at the centre of debate. "Their cultural project, that's it," she repeats, before deploring a "forced and totalitarian submission to immigration and the dilution of French culture". Marine Le Pen singles out for criticism the presence "of ulterior electoralist motivations" in the initiative through which, according to her, the Socialist Party is now betting on "the so-called excluded classes, French people of immigrant origin", having "lost the lower and working classes".
Source: Le Figaro

The UMP, the mainstream "conservative" party in France, has also denounced the report in similar terms.
... François Fillon declared in a statement: "What these reports anticipate is not a refoundation but a deconstruction of united and civic France! Deconstruction of French heritage to favour a deracinated and multicultural society, deconstruction of our historic will to integrate foreigners and make them share our history, our values and our culture, deconstruction of secularism." For Gérard Longuet, close to the former prime minister, "they want to organise apartheid by encouraging each community to affirm its difference". "Those promoting such a theory are organising racism because the obligatory display of difference will obliterate the idea of fraternity to the benefit of exalting communitarianisms," said the senator for la Meuse.
Source: Le Figaro

The UMP are also floating the conspiracy theory that this is a dastardly manoeuvre to damage their party by encouraging voter defections to the Front National.
...all the officials of the UMP condemned the report in the same terms. And all agree on the goal of the executive's manoeuvre: swell the vote of the Front National. According to Jean-François Copé, "behind this report is once again the sad electoralist strategy that the Left has adopted since François Mitterrand: wave red flags to increase the vote of the Front National and weaken the UMP, the republican Right and the centre when elections are approaching that look as if they will be difficult for the Left."
Source: Le Figaro


gurion said...

"hey want to organise apartheid by encouraging each community to affirm its difference".

and because the "nationalist" le pen think that's bad?

is the integration that will kill France and throughout Europe, not the apartheid!

Roni said...

Marine le Pen is the only hope left for France to survive. I hope the French do understand that. It is still not too late.

Anonymous said...


UK, sharia demands in London

One of the slogans
"Islam is the perfect system for all mankind"

- Stop selling "evil" alcohol, or else...40 lashes - still, in London

Bernard said...

Bâtards communautaires! They want us to mix races (métissage) and no longer exist.

The plan intégration is a declaration of war on the French people.

Roni said...

@14 December 19.55 h.
Mixing of races (or nations) is a free choice in an open society. You cannot tell a man or a woman with whom he or she wants to marry. However, here it is wholly different. By the Muslims is it one way: grabbing is many as possible French (or other European) girls and women, make them Muslim and own their children as thought they belong to their private flock of goats and sheep. Their own veiled females they guard in the flock. The one who tries to look outside, will be killed in the name of the family honour. Indeed The plan intégration is a declaration of war on the French people. The goal is to terminate the French nation on the long run.

Hall of Souls said...

Let the woman or man who has taken a mate alien to themselves and their own people be cast out along with the alien so that the people who gave you life may be preserved as they were made and not mingled with strange flesh.

Hall of Souls said...

The French people are preserved in only one way; a French woman marries a French man and they have French children. This produces the next generation of the French people.

A French woman marrying and having children with a Hottentot African does not produce French children. Africanised hybrids are produced.

"Free an open" societies in which people marry whoever they want do not last very long. They either become mongrelised or Balkanised.

Do not allow your mind to become confused here. These are elementary truths.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I sometimes use this illustration:

Suppose a pet shop owner has allowed a German Shepard and an Irish Setter to breed and produce puppies. The puppies are neither German Shepards nor Irish Setters. They are a hybrid of the two.

Can the pet shop owner legally sell these puppies as German Shepards? If you told the pet shop owner that you wanted to buy an Irish Setter and she gave you one of these hybrids, would you consider that as a legitimate Irish Setter?

Can we see these things in dogs but not humans?

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