Sunday, 15 December 2013
A Muslim man who works for a transport company in Malmo missed Friday prayers at the mosque because of work. Now he is demanding that the company pay 20,000 for violations of anti-discrimination law, reports Sydsvenskan.

The driver claims his boss gave him many extra many runs on Fridays and because of that he missed his praying time.

He felt that the company's human resources manager did not deal with the problem and therefore has turned to the organisation "Malmo against discrimination", which is now demanding that the company pay damages.

Under the Discrimination Act, supervisors have an obligation to immediately investigate perceived harassment.

"We have religious freedom in Sweden and the employer has a duty to prevent discrimination based on religious and ethnic affiliations. But there are limits, and exactly what the boundaries are things that ultimately a court may determine," says Sonya Aho, an Equality Ombudsman, to Sydsvenskan.


Anonymous said...

Not fit to live in Western civilization. Only in desert.

On the other hand, who is really behind the sueing? Most likely, this case is being used, like so many before, in Europe, as well as in the US, to show Sweden who is in charge - in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

all this will come back to bite them in the arse,I believe that the ordinary european people are becoming aware of what these fuckers are up to
and have had a "nose full" of their constant whining and demanding,
all is by no means lost, we will never submit to the ravings of cretins!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't they give him a bus route facing mecca then he can still drive his bus.

Anonymous said...

Were problem about freedom of religion, there wouldn't be a problem. Any bus driver in Sweden can drive a bus and believe in his preferred god at the same time. No one is stopping him.

The problem however, is all about one totalitarian ideology, and forcing the Swedish society to accept, "tolerate", "respect" and submit to this one ideology, in the name of religion. Failing to so, has names, like "racism", "islamophobia" etc, just to name two.

Fria tider - Free Times - indeed...

Konan Vader said...

he will win u will see. Swedes are retarded

Anonymous said...

Would a Pilot stop a plane to pray? Idiots want society to change to fit their religion, Their religion should try to fit in society.

Anonymous said...

Farewell Sweden u shall be missed.
Xoxo Lorna

parisclaims said...

A muslim in Malmo with a job?

Anonymous said...

Sharia law says if you can't pray at the allowed times, it can be made up later at home. And that is a fact. Not my words, sharia law's words.

Muslims claiming employers need to let them pray are despicable liars. Who'd have thought, hmm?

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