Friday, 6 December 2013

I may not be able to post today. I am so overcome by grief. Goodbye Nelson. There will never be another like you. Hopefully.

BTW, could anyone explain to me what Mandela actually accomplished, apart from getting thrown in prison, like so many of his kind? The bizarre adulation attached to his man for no obvious reason is a clear illustration that anti-Europeanism is the dominant ideology of the world, including among Europeans themselves, or at least their elite classes.

Let's not forget that the great Nelson was jailed initially after illegally going to receive military training from Muslims in Algeria and making seditious overtures to hostile Communist regimes.
In January Mandela leaves South Africa illegally to attend a freedom conference in Algeria and to scout for military training facilities for Umkhonto members and raise funds from African states.

While away he personally undertakes a course of military training and resolves that the funding drive should be extended to Western and socialist nations.

Following his return in July he is arrested for leaving the country illegally and for incitement to strike. He conducts his own defence but is convicted in November and jailed for five years with hard labour.

Let's not forget the great Nelson's friendship with Gaddafi, which he maintained right till the end.

For most Africans, Gaddafi is a generous man, a humanist, known for his unselfish support for the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist, he wouldn’t have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. For five long years, no plane could touch down in Libya because of the embargo. One needed to take a plane to the Tunisian city of Jerba and continue by road for five hours to reach Ben Gardane, cross the border and continue on a desert road for three hours before reaching Tripoli. The other solution was to go through Malta, and take a night ferry on ill-maintained boats to the Libyan coast. A hellish journey for a whole people, simply to punish one man.

Mandela didn’t mince his words when the former US president Bill Clinton said the visit was an ‘unwelcome’ one – ‘No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do’. He added – ‘Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi, they are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.’

A grandson of Nelson Mandela is named Gadaffi - a sign of how popular the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi once was in South Africa and many other African countries.

With his image of a revolutionary, Col Gaddafi inspired South Africans to fight for their liberation, funding and arming the anti-apartheid movement as it fought white minority rule.

However, he also backed notorious rebel groups in Liberia and Sierra Leone and his demise could serve as a warning to the continent's other "big-man" rulers.

After Mr Mandela became South Africa's first black president in 1994, he rejected pressure from Western leaders - including then-US President Bill Clinton - to sever ties with Col Gaddafi, who bankrolled his election campaign.

"Those who feel irritated by our friendship with President Gaddafi can go jump in the pool," he said.
Source: BBC

UPDATE: The Telegraph has closed comments on EVERY blog post related to Mandela's death. (See here, here, here and here). What does that tell you?

French flags at half mast. Hollande praises Mandela as "magnificent conquerer".

UK flags at half mast.

FIFA flags at half mast.

US flags at half mast.


Anonymous said...

I'm already sick of all the pro-Mandela coverage and its only been one day!

I was watching a documentary last night about the Cold War on BBC2 - several times a large black banner appeared across the screen stating "Breaking News on BBC One". Other channels didn't do this but the leftie BBC even had a BBC News Special running for what seemed hours!

Surely people must realise this guy was a terrorist! He refused to renounce terrorism or his views, and this is why he (deservedly) spent so much time in jail.

I'm sick of all this fawning from Royalty, MPs, so-called celebrities and of course every news channel. I hope schools across the UK teach the real reason for his imprisonment and how Winnie Mandela would have people killed with burning tyres around their necks, but I guess all this is still airbrushed from history.

Great man? Not a chance!

ne pas subir said...

In France there are already countless "rues" "avenues" or "boulevards" Nelson Mandela. You can google it to see for yourself. It's insane considering we're speaking about a foreigner who never did anything for France.
Blacks are sacralized not for what they do but for what they endure (or are supposed to endure). Mandela has acquired godly status by defeating the evil apartheid regime (which obviously he did not alone). Obama got the Peace Nobel Prize a mere eight months into his presidency, and without doing anything. Rosa Parks became a icon of worldwide antiracist resistance for merely refusing to sit in the back of a bus. Recently in France after the banana incident directed at (black racist) Ministry of Justice Christiane Taubira, several people instantly called for her to become president of the Republic.
When we Whites celebrate Blacks this has never anything to do with black accomplishments. We only celebrate our own guilt. We make up coloured messiahs in order to implore their pardon for our (real or imagined) sins. This is "moral affirmative action".

Anonymous said...

Well Nelson was going to call the NATO pact countries to help get the boot of his peoples back, but just like uncle Ho he found a big democracy game was spoken, but worse than no help was given. Not to say the NATO countries hold a patent on hypocracy, just saying. As for the Colonel, he came in from the NATO cold, opened his nutty mouth about forming golf backed money, bam, NATOes useful Sallafist idiots AKF him to death. With friends like that....... Sometimes your choice of allies is limited.

Anonymous said...

Just a few of the attacks carried out by the terrorist wing of his South African Commie Party - Umkhonto_we_Sizwe:

Church Street West, Pretoria, on the 20 May 1983

Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985

Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988

Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986

Pretoria Sterland movie complex 16 April 1988 – limpet mine killed ANC terrorist M O Maponya instead

Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987

Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988

Full details of the group and their actions here:

This should be compulsory teaching in all schools. And perhaps our politicians should read it too before they put him on such a high pedestal.

He was nothing but a terrorist, no different to today's Al-Qaeda in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post from a soldier on the Army Rumour Service website: "...why has my HQ just received a signal stating that all, yes ALL, flags, including German and Bde and Corps are to be lowered to half mast? ...Sorry, not my freedom fighter/not my Father of the Nation."

European armies are flying flags at half-mast to respect a known killer/terrorist? Has the world gone mad, or is it only the EU that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing goes to show how easily the Western masses are manipulated into believing in a black would be saint.

Furthermore, now that the Morgan Freeman portrait was so timely publicized on the day before the death, it goes to show who will be playing the role as the black would be saint in the massively publicized film to be coming to a cinema near you soon....!

Next up, he will be receiving the Oscar as best black actor, as well as best male actor and best leading role. The whole Oscar ceremony may even be all black, as black as can be, and all of Hollywood will be painted black.

Anonymous said...

I think the Rabbinate Jews teamed up with the Persians to create an Arab shock force trained to believe in the hate of the Talmud back in the 7th century.

I think Jews to this day write about the history of the time to try to do their best to obscure the connections between Talmudic belief and the rise of the Arab Bedouin scorched earth shock troops.

Jews were partners with the blood thirsty Persians and Arabs. Jews led the proto-muslim Talmudic Troops all the way to the Visigothic lands to oust Christians in favor of Talmudic Jew leadership.

I think the Quran was slapped together by the children of Jews raped and married by Arabs. "Smart Arabs" that noticed the racist exclusionary Talmudic Jews never bloodied their hands while reaping the benefits of Arab warriors fighting Christians on behalf of the Talmudic Rabbinate.

Anonymous said...

Black Banana Republic President

"Recently in France after the banana incident directed at (black racist) Ministry of Justice Christiane Taubira, several people instantly called for her to become president of the Republic."

hoosier said...

This doesn't bode well for the Boers and Afrikaners

Anonymous said...

The genocide on people of European descent will never get publicity in Western leftist media. And, it is criminal. The leftist media are covering up and partly guilty, siding with the murderers when they should be speaking up against the worst crimes as well as the minor crimes.

Anonymous said...

CZ: The Telegraph didn't close comments on their blog pages --- they never allowed them in the first place on this topic, probably because they realise, from comments made by their dwindling readership on related issues (immigration, racism, 'multiculturalism,' islam, etc), that the public at large are no longer accepting the propaganda and its readership can rebuff and rebutt it with facts and reasoned disputation (not skills for which DT "journalists" are known), so the paper prevents itself from being exposed and ridiculed and offers its 'pronouncements from on high' with no deviation allowed from its twisted 'gospel.' Happens all the time on that paper.

Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter that it was the whites in the advanced country which ended apartheid in South Africa, and certainly not Mandela. He is a nobody, like Obama, and was elevated by the PR machine, which we humorously call the media, to fictional saint. It was Christian Europe, which develops the concepts of human rights, equal treatment before the law, and began the slow process of ending slavery. We, the Americans, enshrined it in our Foundational Documents. No blacks every contributed to this process at all. In fact, slavery officially exists in Africa in two countries. This Mandela fiction promulgated by the media is pure fiction and everybody sees through it.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: I wish you people would knock it off with the Jew hatred, as well. They are an easy target for scapegoating. The people who allowed this madness to spread in the body politics are our mendacious, criminal politicians, like all of our politicians since Lyndon B. Johnson, and pretty much all of the leadership in Europe. Not one Jew is leadership because Jew hating fools, like you, would not vote for them. You can call me Thomas the Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately @ Anonymous 02:52 not every body sees through it. I assume you have Facebook? It's a great barometer for the vox populi. Every thread that mentioned Mandela had hordes of people plastering accolades on the comments whereas anyone who dared deviate from the platitudes was immediately castigated and their arguments rebuffed by the usual tu quoque "what about all of the blacks who died under apartheid?" as if this excuses Mandela's (and Winnie's) targeting of white children and their perpetration of white genocide.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I noticed that one of the Mandela blog posts said it has 3 comments, although none were visible. So probably they put comments on to start, saw that they were uniformly hostile, then turned them off.

Anonymous said...

Tim Stanley of the Telegraph wrote an adulatory piece about Islam a few years ago which was extraordinary for the amount of cliches in it ('Islamic golden age' in Spain, 'religion of peace'...) for the American CNN online site and the entire waffle was dissected and refuted by its readership; he's never made that mistake at the DT (not that any of its bloggers would actually delve into the facts).

Anonymous said...

Mandela served his sentence and did a hard time for the idea of equality rights for the people of different colour. That must be respected. I am an antijihadist,not because that most of the jihadists have darker skin than me,but because ther are the new fascists of the world. Mandela has nothing to do with them,since the algerians and gadaffi were not islamofascists 50 years ago,but rather patriots,who wanted,but did not succed to see their continent united and prosperous like Europe is. Maybe that was because of their aprehension of the politics in the dictatorshi and autocrative manner.Not every story has to be black and white,just like the people are melange.

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