Saturday, 28 December 2013
On Monday afternoon, the police, alerted by neighbours, went to an apartment on Rue des Chardonneret in the working class district of Ronde-Couture. For several days, a goat had been kept there on the balcony. The officers had no difficulty in arranging for the animal to be handed over.

The inhabitants of the dwelling, of foreign origin, were receiving members of their family to celebrate Christmas. It appears it is the customer in the culture to offer a goat to one's hosts for Christmas, even if the theory of a sacrifice hasn't been completed ruled out by the police. For this operation, the animal protection association LISA was asked to be involved. For its volunteers who were present on Monday afternoon, there is no doubt it was a sacrifice.

Again according to LISA, neighbours are said to have also indicated that a nanny goat and a sheep were there in the preceding days. These animals were not found on Monday.

Probably not Muslims if they're celebrating Christmas, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Florida, USA - I don't want to know what they were doing to the sheep !

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